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The military in it self is an organization with employers, but not limited to soldiers as well. With a rank system, multiple divisions under certain MOS factions and different intelligence agencies within its branches. The two main forces being the Navy and Army.

The "importance" one might argue in something like the military depends on what the person makes it out to be in the first place.

"What use do we have for hired guns that dont even really protect our "freedom"...?"

Well if you are going by that idea, then what use do we have for Walmart that doesnt really boost our economy in a healthy way? What use do we have for imports, corporations, ect ect.

I make this point because anywhere you go where a military base is present, the economy in the area booms very well because of the presence of vast military population.

"Why do we dump millions into the military when they are of no importance? Shouldnt we put it in more productive things?"

Well, here is the thing. The military is divided under many divisions, so funding for different projects is split. Often times, politicians end up putting the money "used" for the military under hidden reasons such as... personal jet flights... first class stuff...


But we don't.

So the issues lies within the powers that are addressed to see where that money goes. Not the branches.

As far as defense goes - without our Navy present at most waters around the world and the Army with the power of conducting country-wide invasions only to last a couple days at most... we'd be in a very different world right now... a less comfortable world to say the least.


War crimes or anything put up from the U.S. military as a whole is not a reason why other countries would engage us. However it does make good propaganda.

To get more insight as to why the Army is in Afghanistan - or why we got involved with the Middle East as a whole, I suggest you read up everything having to do with the Cold War and the Gulf War.
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Not much happened in the cold war.

You could say that was the result of our military simply existing.

Think about that.

Even if it doesn't do s**t passively it's doing stuff.
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Calling the American Military "murders" pretty much shows how little people know about the military and it's internal justice and investigation systems, as well as it's internal values and rules.

And pretty much dehumanizes every servicemember by generalizing us in a manner that makes it look like your source of knowledge on the military is Hollywood, where half the movies portray soldiers as mask-wearing faceless entities so you can forget that servicemen are people, just like you, who are just as likely to actually kill someone without purpose as you are.

Thanks to anyone who follows that logic. Just, thanks.

As for the cost issue: Blame Congress. The military is all about refining the process of approving and procuring resources, because Congress tends to overspend just to line their own pockets.
If the military had it's way, it'd cut costs and still improve quality of it's equipment.

If the military disappeared, the economy would plummet, not skyrocket. Millions of jobs would be gone overnight, with no foreseeable replacement. A major money circulatory system would just be gone.

The big argument is that the military hasn't done anything worthwhile, since we actually haven't fought a "real war" since World War II.

Well, that's just fine and dandy, but war has evolved. It's not 1918 any more, where we are all fighting wars of attrition and declaring ourselves emperor anymore. People generally get lost at that concept. War has evolved into a highly complicated game of chess spanning multiple battlegrounds on multiple levels. People entirely disenfranchise highly critical tactics such as deterrence, maintaining public opinion, and the like.

The war in which no one dies is a war already won. If you can figure out how to do that without having a military force to say "You don't want to screw with me," then bravo, because you're smarter than guys with astronomical IQs who get paid to sit and think about such things all day, whereas you're likely not a super-genius, and likely haven't thought about it for an entire workday, collectively.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I mean that in the best way possible.
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What, you think I'm joking? Why wouldn't it?
The overall military itself cares more about it's mission, yes, but individual commands care about their people like friends and family.
And why wouldn't they? Everyone higher ranking has been in the shoes of those who are lower ranking, and know what it's like. Sure, officers can really only related to their junior officers unless they worked a lot with the enlisted, but people actually care in the military.
It's just one more thing the media and Hollywood never get right.

Some people actually care, but it's not so close as you might be led to believe by some.
... Me?
'Cuz they pretty well care. I can tell you that much, straight up.
So long as you don't fail at life, and obviously there are some crappy NCOs and Officers, but for the most part, they care.

Not all of them care about all of them.
... Yay for blanket statements?
Obviously, but the military isn't comprised of coldhearted robots like everyone seems to make them out to be.

Not entirely, but there are some murderous bastards lurking there.
Agent Thrax

Not entirely, but there are some murderous bastards lurking there.
Just like everywhere else.
The military just gets more attention when it's members do bad stuff, because everyone likes to point fingers.

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