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for Eugenics 0.66666666666667 66.7% [ 14 ]
against Eugenics 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 21 ]
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Given our current technological level it is not really a good idea.

Also ensuring that my children will be genetically superior has never been a concern of mine.
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I'm all for genetic manipulation of offspring. Sure, there is the potential for nearsighted and inhumane abuse, and there are some benefits to genetic diversity, but on the other hand, there is a lot of potential good that could come of it. If the technology we have now was there when my brother was conceived, he wouldn't have had to suffer the pain and frustration of having his bones grow at the wrong pace and in the wrong directions (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hereditary_multiple_exostoses).
I see no issue fiddling around with genes.

Concern only comes with their denim counterparts.
nobody? really? alright then

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I don't believe in mandatory eugenics for whatever reason, as these things tend to go very quickly from "only people who risk giving their children horrible diseases or disorders" to "let's sterilize all Muslims because ******** 'em."

Pretty much this stare
The quest to make "the perfect human being" is a disgusting idea to me. Everyone is beautiful in their own ******** way and everyone can contribute something. A society obsessed with genetic perfection will only do only harm.
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I'm for it.

Because if a baby will have some kind of ******** up disorder... why not get rid of the disorder?

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