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Should lolicon and shotacon be illegal?

Yes, it should be punishable identical to actual child pornography. 0.057377049180328 5.7% [ 7 ]
Yes, it should be punished, but not as severe as actual child pornography. 0.081967213114754 8.2% [ 10 ]
Yes, it should be a misdemeanor, and no sex offender registration. 0.065573770491803 6.6% [ 8 ]
No, it is a stupid thing to waste government resources on when real children are being victims. 0.5 50.0% [ 61 ]
No, there is nothing morally objectionable about lolicon or shotacon. 0.29508196721311 29.5% [ 36 ]
Total Votes:[ 122 ]
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it shouldn't be illegal. like, who the ******** is being harmed?

except maybe guys could escalate. but, I mean, the chances of that are probably pretty low...
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Because I don't trust kids under 15 to understand the concept of sex.
rofl That is hilarious. Do they magically gain understanding of sex on their 15th birthday? No, of course not. I've known 9-year olds (when I was in elementary school) who knew more about sex and its consequences than many adults, so your figure is purely arbitrary.

Not "magically", but in the ages of 14-16 they start thinking more about the consequences than "HURR DURR I WANT SEX I DON'T CARE IF IT GIVES ME AIDS/GETS ME PREGNANT". And you know some well-educated 9-year-olds.
You are making a rather big assumption there in figuring that people of any age always think about the consequences of sex. The age group in the US most likely to contract HIV/AIDS is 20-24, old enough to know better, wouldn't you say?

It's also the age group that has far more sex than all the rest. Young adulthood is known for a staggering sex drive.
And for "some reason", a 14 year old is much more likely to be generally impulsive than a 17-year-old. It's like brain development doesn't happen at all from the moment your age is a two-digit number, wouldn't you say?[/sarcasm]
You'll need to prove that early 20s is when the most sex takes place, and explain why the figures for all adult age groups have virtually the same rates of infection. It seems age need not bring wisdom.
If it's not a real kid people should get the hell over it. I rather people look at that legally than go and look at real kids.
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Maybe if it's WALL-E con, it should be illegal.

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