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Liberal or Conservative? By American Standards.

More liberal. 0.42857142857143 42.9% [ 33 ]
More conservative. 0.051948051948052 5.2% [ 4 ]
independant/liberal. 0.36363636363636 36.4% [ 28 ]
independent/conservative. 0.15584415584416 15.6% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 77 ]
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I'm a canadian new democrat, but I'd probably sit on the more liberal side of the fence if I lived down south.
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neither. both groups are atrocious in plenty of ways.

I consider myself a fellow CBer.
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The Mixed Messenger
Socialist, but then again I'm English.
Bento the spazcat
I prefer anti-stupid, but more often than not this puts me on the side of liberals just due to sheer common sense

Amen to that.
Yes, socialism has a totally different meaning in Europe than in the United States, yes?
Why do you say that?
That's just what I've heard. No concrete evidence supports my conception, which is why I stated it as a question. Socialism in the united states has a negative connotation with it.
Honestly, I think its foolish to label yourself as a liberal or conservative. I believe everything depends on the issue at hand. Some issues, I'm liberal about, and some issues I'm conservative about.

Now personally contrary to popular belief, I hold mostly liberal beliefs. Only certain topics am I conservative on.
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I'm a green left libertarian, I guess that makes me liberal, but I'm also English so its hard to judge.

Also, does anyone else get frustrated when the Tories think they won the election?
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Well, I consider myself more liberal than conservative. I'm generally a fiscal conservative and liberal about policy and human rights. If this this is accurate then I'm a "Liberal Libertarian." Isn't that an oxymoron?

There's a graph at the end of the test and I'm exactly halfway between the center and the left and just over halfway to the bottom/libertarian. I would have guessed I was more centrist, but maybe I've lost some of my moderateness over the years...
Social: Progressive
Economic: Ordoliberal
Foreign: Imperialist
Political: Conservative
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Isn't the opposite of 'conservative', progressive? I am a progressive socialist.
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100% liberal.
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What about those of us who are both?

I am a social liberal (except on a few things, like the death penalty), and a fiscal conservative.

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