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I stopped eating meat in February, which amazes even me, as I used to eat meat at every meal. Chicken, hamburgers and pork chops were my favorite, then suddenly I just couldn't take anymore of that stuff. I've cut out all meats and eggs, as well as most dairy products. I'm not completely veganm though; my coat is mad eof wool, and there's some leather in my shoes. I don't really feel that different, though; I have lost some weight, but it could be a coincidence. In my refrigerator you find mostly vegetables and in the pantry there are potatoes and whole grain bread. All my food is pretty slow cooked, you know, when I don't make a peanut butter sandwich, and as a result, my appetite is reduced as there are very few additives and no trace of my old nemesis; MSG. I stand by my choice and hope that I'll benefit from it when I get old, although there will be no hard feelings if I go back to eating meat again. I don't even miss meat, so I don't think it'll happen. After leading a vegetarian lifestyle for a couple of years I may even go vegan.

Not long ago I was at a farm, and I saw a sheep butt head with another sheep to start a fight. It stopped and stared at the other for several moments, repeated, and repeated again before the other sheep realized the message the first was trying to convey; so I don't blame our ancestors, or any people living today for considering sheep food. It's not the meat itself that's a problem, it's how animal farming is a drain on natural resources. It's not the killing part either; not as much as how the animals are treated while they're alive. Did anyone say "free-range chickens"? Please...

The biggest problem with being a vegetarian so far is, well, bad customer service, and the ignorance of certain people. To some vegetarianism is frowned upon and seen as having a fixed proximity to hippies, or worse, PETA. I was at a cafe the other day, and there were no vegetarian alternatives available among the sandwiches/bagels, so I asked the girl behind the counter if I could have a bagel with only lettuce and tomatoes, because I was a vegetarian. She just stared at me as if I was nuts and said: "Can't you just scrape the mayo off and take off the ham?"
Makes me wonder if vegetarianism will ever be a fully understood concept...
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Discuss: Do you eat meat? Why or why not? How do you feel about eating meat? Is it wrong? Is there a line? if so, where is it? Should people eat meat?

ok, here's my opinion: It depends no the person, and there is no right answer, it's a matter of morals and choice. I eat meat because I have a high metabolism, and my body-type requires a lot of hemoglobin and protein. I eat beef, pork, ham, chicken, fish, shellfish. on occasion i will eat eggs, venison, turkey, and other meats. For me, it's a matter of health, not morals.
I can agree with that. Not because I am a meat eater, but the fact that everyone's bodies are built differently. We cannot all be on the same diet.
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The Catfish Blues
Ryu Kei Shou Kawazu
I eat any kind of meat. At all. Yet I'm a liberal. I just see it as wasting valuable meat by not eating it. Unless it's for religious reasons. I still believe it's wasting, but I respect that a little more.
Not eating meat reduces demand which would technically reduce the amount of meat wasted overall long term.

There aren't enough vegans/vegetarians to put a dent in the demand. If there are, I'd like to know. I don't care, anyway. As long as I get mine. XD
there are, 5% of the UK is vegetarian for example, thats quite a big market, and then there is India...

World-wide, yes. But I'm only familiar with America, considering I haven't lived anywhere else.
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Hell yes I eat meat, and fiercly proud of it. I don't know why people would want to not eat meat, but if that's thei lifestyle w/e, and I have heard plenty of reasons for it and none of them have made any sense to me.

I raise animals for food, I've had all sorts, they live happy, healthy lives and are fed a wide range of foods and I think all that makes them better for eating. I also get meat from a local farm who raise their animals by the same principals I do. The animals I eat DO NOT SUFFER, so not eating meat for animal welfare reasons make no sense to me. I know what factory farms do and I don't agree with it so I don't get my food from them, plain and simple. Going bat-s**t insaine and saying "WELL I'M JUST NOT GOING TO EAT ANY MEAT OR ANIMAL PRODUCTS ANYMORE!" Just sounds kinda like the irrational rambling of a woman pmsing or something.

I also don't understand the people who eat meat because they love it and say s**t like "I can't eat that because it has a face on it!" Or "you can eat an animal after you name it!" That's just dumb. Naming the animals I eat means I can better thank them as I'm eating them, its respectful. Not all of the animals I raise for meat get names, but they all get my respect.

I think if people are going to eat meat then they should take responcibilty for it, and of they don't than maybe they should just stop eating meat, but I have yet to hear someone say that is the reason they became a vegitarian/vegan.
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I eat meat. Delicious. Go team omnivore.

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