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For years it was difficult trying to get the average right wing conservative to see what a horrible, immoral waste of money and human life unwarranted military action was...especially under Bush and the neocons. But a funny thing happened. Obama became president. The guy who not only aggressively escalated the war in Afghanistan but launched covert and proxy conflicts in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Mali, etc. Now all the sudden, conservatives are thinking wait a minute...this guy wants to ban our guns yet bring in the age of big brother predator drones?

And while I don't necessarily agree with the "gub'ment gonna take our guns" meme, I do find it refreshing to see more and more conservatives now opposed to war, drones, torture, civil rights violations, etc as so much of the left continues to support Bush policies because it's under a hip law school talking "Democrat".

Yes, many of us tend to roll our eyes when right wingers go on about the "we need guns to defend ourselves against the government someday"...but when you look at this drone situation, and how they may have wanted to use drones against that ex cop running amok in Los Angeles...it makes you wonder. Allegedly tens of thousands of drones will be patrolling American skies in the next few years according to FOIA's regarding FAA and government/corporate plans.

I am more or less a "liberal" and am not a gun person, but if the government is hunting down US citizens with drones and wanting to one day impose martial law...it seems like a moral counterbalance for Americans to be able to defend themselves.

1. Hunting down US Citizens and blah blah blah.

Yep, just your average US Citizen who has a mental breakdown, launches a manifesto about how he is going to kill dozens of corrupt police officers, their families, and anybody who tries to protect the previous two groups from him or gets in his way.

REALLY. If the Government is using drones to hunt down such a typical person, how long is it until I'M next!

2. Your p***y a** assault rifles aren't going to stop a bunch of super-high tech drones that will blow you the ******** up before they have spotted you.

This whole "We dun need guns ta defend ourselves against da guvment hur hur hur!" isn't going to make sense until they advocate the rights of citizens to have tanks, aircraft carriers, missiles, and unmanned drones.
Dieu des hommes
Drones don't kill people, guns do.

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Tadpole Jackson
Dieu des hommes
Drones don't kill people, guns do.

Drones don't kill people, people do?

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