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I enjoyed 1984 more, as I found the plot and characters more emotionally appealing, though I was much younger when I read Brave New World and it is probably time for a refresher on both novels.

I think my opinion might change if I reread them today, as I am older and will understand more of the novels. (I was only 15 when I read BNW, it was difficult for me to understand what was going on at the time.)

1984 is one of the few novels that has moved me to tears. I was happy to finish Brave New World — I was NOT happy when I finished 1984....
Sorry that this is a bit off topic, but I haven't yet read Brave New World. I have however, read 1984.
I really liked it- it was really good at describing a very controlled society, where everyone was allocated a status and then watched to make sure everything ran smoothly throughout the classes.

Funnily enough I prefer Lord of the Flies (this is where I go off topic, but I thought it might be interesting to mention).
I love how Lord of the Flies starts with a whole group of children, all from a structured society. But they are children, used to the rules and ideals of other adults.
There is attempted leadership, then chaos, and through that chaos brings a form off "organised chaos". People form their own groups with their own "leaders".
I especially liked how the smaller, younger children sort of did their own thing. At the start they were looked after somewhat by the older kids. But later on they ate fruit (staying away from the meat hunters), played, ignored a lot of the rules given (such as using fresh water pools as a toilet). Even later than that though they did join groups (I think, it's been a few years).

My thoughts of LOTF is that society not only NEEDS classes, statuses and rules to survive, but they form on their own regardless.
I also haven't read Brave New World. Clearly, I'm going to have to now, listening to both the praise and criticism it has received here.

I loved 1984. It is my favorite novel. Its been a decade since I've read it last, though.

I really liked/fear the thought-police concept. Also, newspeak and doublespeak were great. The part that always gets me is after the guy and the girl meet the last time (trying not to spoil for those that haven't read it) and their interactions therein.

Also, Fahrenheit 451 is another that I would toss into this mix, Its more "on topic" than Lord of the Flies, and I really* love the concept of "I am 1984."
1984 is probably the greatest novel of the Twentieth Century. Its internal architectonics are nearly flawless.

The only problem with it (apart from the belief, based on pure ignorance and nothing else, that 1984 is an "anti-socialist" screed) is that it doesn't explain why the Party falls from power. Orwell clearly thinks it's the Proles that dunnit, but the lack of clarity in that department also reflects on the problem of the Proles in the real world of capitalism.
I found them about equally interesting, but liked Brave New World better. Of the two, it has more innovative ideas, and isn't written in such a "dry" manner as 1984.

I like pretty much any book in that genre (dystopia?) including The Giver and Fahrenheit 451 though, so I'm probably not very objective. xd
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I found them about equally interesting, but liked Brave New World better. Of the two, it has more innovative ideas, and isn't written in such a "dry" manner as 1984.

I like pretty much any book in that genre (dystopia?) including The Giver and Fahrenheit 451 though, so I'm probably not very objective. xd
Oh my god, I too love dystopia, especially the giver. I would love to make film out of it with my friends and an apartment that is very drab. I could wish my grandfather was still around because he would make a GREAT giver with his white hair and a look like Spencer Tracy. Seriously though, he and Spencer could be doubles in a movie.
Out of the two, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and George Orwel's 1984, which do you find more interesting and why?

Personally I can not decide. I find Aldous Huxley interesting since we have yet to breed humans in that way scientifically, if you could call it science. But I like the totalitarianism of 1984 because of the fact that many societies have gone is way, where all thought is stamped out.

They're both nightmare stories of very possible futures. Likely, our nightmare future is going to involve elements of both.
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Brave New World, if mostly because I found 1984 to be kind of boring. It also had more unique, more interesting ideas. It's dystopian not just because of government oppression, but because people started living with this mindset to live solely for personal pleasure. Nothing is valued except for pleasure. No art or substance. And, people are HAPPY with it. With 1984, it's implied that a lot of people are unhappy but they just suppress those feelings. Brave New World, nobody realizes how bad things are. They don't really realize how bad things are because they're raised and trained, hell, they're BREAD to like things.
Never read 1984, honestly, and reading Brave New World was a ******** chore. Gawd, that guy couldn't write to save his life.
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1984 because I haven't finished Brave New World yet.
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I can't be the only one who didn't like either one...

I much preferred Anthem
Haven't read 1984, but Brave New World was painfully boring.
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Um... halo?

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Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" presents a far more plausible potential future, depicting what may happen in America if school funding continues to be a low priority.

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