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Hanma Selis
Hanma Selis
Ah, I remember in the old times how everyone in the ED forum how everyone had heated discussions but were always respectful to each other. Now, you can't even say anything without someone flaming you. I just ignore the comments and move on. No use getting upset about it.

p.s. Sorry if I almost sounded like an old man reminiscing.

My question is more, why have an open
thread, and not just talk about it with your friends...

Because with friends, you can somewhat anticipate what their views are going to be. But with complete strangers, you never know. You may see things from a different perspective. You may learn something new, or not in most cases. It much more fun to keep it open, even with all of the drama that comes with it.

and then you'd have to take the good
with the bad... as with anytime you give your opinion...

to just shut someone down is both rude and disrespectful..
she should have just asked her friends, I'll not be bothered
with her anymore, unless she makes some mule...
then when I find out it's her.. I'll ignor her again..
Ask Jappleack's avatar

Greedy Consumer

its happened to me once or twice it was annoying.

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