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This is just a random question that passed through my mind. How many people out there are proud because of where they come from?
I live in Britain (therefore classed as a "British Citizen" wink and I know there are a lot of people here who are very proud to be British. I just can't comprehend why and whenever I've asked these proud people why, they cannot answer me with anything other than because it is where I live, it is MY country and I love it.

How many of you would class yourself as patriots? Would you die for your country? When I ask myself this question my answer is immediate: No! What has my country done for me? Why should me being british make me more special than people of other nationalities? Why should I fight and kill other people because I'm told to? Why am I expected to feel bad for not being a proud Brit by upper-class society?

Does anyone have any views on this? I'm just interested to see how people feel about the subject.
I'm British and I'm proud of my country. We have a rich cultural heritage, we have a brilliant education system, we haven't become totally corrupted by mainstream American culture yet. We have independent TV channels and keep things that are quintesentially British alive. We have an excelent scientific climate at the moment, especially in genetics.

Not that I think Britain is better then anywhere else,. I just happen to like the place I live and embrace the culture I was raised in. Nowhere else will feel like home becuase nowhere else will have fish and chips with mushy peas and those quintesentially english pubs with thier awful wallpaper and tack and the perverted old men who hit on you and nowhere else will have the history and heritage I've been raised to claim as my own.
I'm not proud to be an American, but I am thankful. Although I am very proud of my German heritage.
I have duel citizenship in Britain and the U.S. and personally, I find myself proud of both. Some of the resounding choices may be disagreeable, but I have pledged my loyalty to a country. Two in fact. I can try and change some things, I can try my damndest to get a better healthcare reform going on, my economy better, etc., but that doesn't mean when it doesn't go my way, I'm going to stop everything and become disloyal by removing myself from the country. For example, I'm a part of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and U.S.A.

England: The have been around for so long, you must respect their ability to survive, and hence by proud of it. I think myself proud of my country, if not it's choices. You have to be.

Wales: "....." basically sums that up. Don't know jack about wales.

Scotland: William Wallace, The Bruce, the fight for freedom, Loch Ness, I'm proud to be Scottish with every fiber of my being. I love that country, it's the best place to be in my mind.

Ireland: Though they might be a little...odd, the Irish are good people stuck in a war that hasn't ended, they have one of the worst mafia's around, but yet, they manage to survive for so long. If you can have your country survive a millenia, then I will be proud of it regardless of citizenship.

USA: Though short in History, and not the best Country ever, I find myself naturally pulled, attracted to it. Though I don't like some of the legislature and such, I back my pres. and my other goverment offices with a pride because I know that the US only tries to help so far, even if said president is a dumbass.
I'm an American, but I'm not proud. I am very thankful for having the rights that I have, and being allowed to say that without being put to death, but I really do not overall like my country. Not many people do, actually. I am, however, very proud of my European heritage. Norweigen, Swedish, German, etc.
I have dual citzenship- American and Israeli. I'm not paticularly "proud' of either country.
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I would hope that everyone is proud of where they live, it is their own culture, their own lifestyle, whatever their country has to offer them is their for the picking. (Wow, that was corny biggrin ) I am american so, I am proud to be an american (not to quote the song, oh wait, yea, nvm)
TPauSilver those are good points. I have never thought of it that way.
I understand your point of view and i respect you because you have experienced the culture and traditions of the country and embraced them.

However there are unfortunately still people who are so proud of where they come from for no apparent reason! It's simply frustrating!
I am also a British citizen and proud to be one.

*tries to think why*

I guess I feel patriotic towards the country I was born and raised in.

Also, the feeling of being part of a country whose people can say in unison, 'I am a descendant of those that belonged to the British Empire in all of its might and glory.'
i hate...seriously i -hate- my country
*Wonders if this is treason* Down with Bush! I would have voted for him this time, but only because of this: Who would be better to finish what was started than the person who started it? Now that we're there, we need to finish it. I would have voted Gore in the 2000 election.
I'd rather count myself as Scottish than British.. because hey, Scotland rocks. wink

I love my country - and I'm damn proud to have been born here. I love the people, the places, the culture (mm Irn Bru) and I get a bonnie accent to boot. Go Scotland. biggrin
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USA: Though short in History, and not the best Country ever, I find myself naturally pulled, attracted to it. Though I don't like some of the legislature and such, I back my pres. and my other goverment offices with a pride because I know that the US only tries to help so far, even if said president is a dumbass.

Thank you. In fact. Thank You!

I hate people who don't respect our president. Sure, he's not perfect, but he's still our president. I didn't b***h and moan and make fun of Clinton when he was president. I respected him because he was my president. Sure, I didn't agree with everything he did, but he was my president, and that title deserves respect. ******** Bush? ******** you.

When people say "I live in america, but I don't like it," I want to say "Then leave. Go to Canada, and watch Socialism fail."


By the way, I am very proud to be American.
I am proud to be Filipino, but as to how Patriotic I am I'd admit I'm not very, would I die for my country that's a no. I doubt I would even join in a physical fight to defend my country. I am proud of my heritage, and my culture, but I am not about to lay myself for a country. That make any sense?
I AM CANADIAN~... all the other countries are cool too, everyone is the same, politics are a bit different, but that shouldn't really matter, a country is what kind of people are in it. If some are hateful the kind ones will over rule the nasty ones. People are only people, we all make mistakes, but that shouldn't matter what the nationality is. Everyone should be proud of who they are but if they want to act stupid and make their nationality look bad for those who are weak and only see the bad in a certain nationality. My mother is from austria and my dad is from hungary, but I'm canadian...yay!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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