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cieux de metro
men just piss me off. everything about them.

you can't live with them.

and it kind of sucks to live without them, because dildos only do so much.

go gay, then. jesus.
Tactical Leg Sweep
Keltoi Samurai
Keltoi Samurai
Keltoi Samurai
an aside . . . this Stephanie Dawn Kirk person . . . does anyone know where I can find more info on her?

Google just keeps showing me something about her being missing, something about custody of her daughter, and the article linked in the OP, meanwhile any talk of what she may or may not have done to be labeled "Men's Worst Nightmare" seems to all be censored out, with the exception of said link in the OP, which mentions it only as an aside, a setup to lead into a "kwicher bitchin" to men allwhere.

I can help you. Are you sure that was not her blog its self?

I wouldn't think she'd make an offhand mention of her own defaming and attempting to incarcerate a man for crimes he didn't commit as a way to tell men to "shut up, women are talking." further, the article kinda talks about her in the past-tense, if you ken.

also, further off-topic, but I just can't leave well enough alone, and I apologise for that, the whole "men fear prison, women fear rape and murder, we win" mess overlooks the reason WHY men fear prison.

I fear prison too
I won't lie about that. It's not like men have all the problems ether. There are some people who can't keep it under control and their are some that don't. I have mental problems and i can really get out of hand, i have been threaten by my mother. So for men, we sometimes feel it too.
I mean, i am sure men had bad experience by us and they may have some nasty feelings about us. I met some guys like that too and everyone has there reasons.

Oh i am sorry, i didn't look it up.. razz i got distracted. sweatdrop

I spent a day in jail, waiting for my bail to be posted on a case of mistaken identity*, and most of that day was spent on lockdown due to two attempts to stab the New Guy ( me ) with various sharp implements they had crafted in their off-hours. thankfully, I knew enough to maneuver to the far wall of the pod, away from the door, so that I'd have time ( read "half a second" ) to drop to the floor after my assailant had been tackled but before the guards got to me, lest they break a few of my bones and charge me with resisting. the first time it happened, a plastic meal tray was all that saved me ( though the tray was damaged beyond repair, and I had to pay for a replacement ). the second time, I wound up owing the jail the price of a new set of orange PJs, since mine got cut up.

I got lucky, though, considering I got to listen to three violent rapes, but my bail was posted before I got one of my own, and before I was forced to choose between actually having to defending myself and risking further criminal charges, or dying in a pool of my own blood.

this was all over the course of 23 hours. most people don't manage two attempts on their life in 23 years.

so, really, tell me that the fear of jail is nothing compared to what women go through. nothing quite beats the knowledge that at any moment, I am one clerical error away from a death sentence meant for someone else.

*the guy they wanted had the same last name as me, and my middle name was his first name, like say my mane were "Keltoi Hebrew Samurai," his name would have been "Hebrew Roman Samurai," and when given the name "Hebrew Samurai" by witnesses to his purse snatching, the police extrapolated that the name "Keltoi Hebrew Samurai" belonged on the warrant, since the "Hebrew" and the "Samurai" were touching, whereas in "Hebrew Roman Samurai," they were not.

Wow, that's quite a pile of fleshy flung bullshit you got there, son.

No seriously, is this your fanfiction or something, or are you honestly trying to convince people this was your experience?

It's the usual s**t-that-never-happened kind of story.

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