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haha , i barely see any posts on dancing (= , sooo , i decided to make onee rofl well anyways , if you do dance , reply with what kind of dance you doo , & if you wantt, you can post video links or w.e biggrin ! haha , but if you dont dance, but interested, reply with what dances interest you ! well anyways , if you have any vids you can post them up xD well ill go firstt , i am absolutely addicted too Cwalking, gliding, & breaking (= working on my pop & tut thought ! haha heart
C walking c;
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Im guessing DDR doesnt count? razz
Im guessing DDR doesnt count? razz

haha , i guess it can xd
hmm, hip hop? biggrin
i dance!!! Ballet (pointe), hip-hop, lyrical and etc
I dance! Ballet is my focus but it's seconded my contemporary. I also do theatrical jazz, tap and national character. I dance five times a week and in the end it turns out to be about nine and a half hours a week! I still love it and that's what it's all about really, isn't it?
I love to dance merengue, salsa, bachata, reggaeton, hiphop, r&b, techno, rave
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I love dance heart heart This is my seventh year dancing!!! I do jazz, lyrical, contemporary, pom, ballet, and hip-hop. Also have done tap in the past.
I wanna dance! but I'm not sure exactly what kind...? defiantly no ballet or jazz though (no offense to anyone who does like that kind of dance)
Do you have any suggestions?
I danced for 8 years. (ballet, tap and acrobat) But quit and am now going back and forth with: Animation, hip-hop and drama. I've also been teaching myself dances too.
I want to learn Capieora! Yes it is a martial art. But its a martial art that looks like a dance! And I spelled it wrong.

I would like to learn how to ice dance. (Gets confused with ice skating a lot.)
Along with Indian dances (India not America), African dance, Irish dance, Japanese Dance, Korean dance, Chinese dance, polynesian dance (gets confused with...) Hawaiian dance, Russian dance(?). Pretty much just dances of the world.
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[ I do Breakdance, (B-girl Romeo ;] )
Tango, and salsa~
It's real fun~ ]
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breakdance, hiphop, cwalk, gymnastics
i dance! biggrin

i'm a self taught freestyle popper, breakdancer, and i also can do a bit of hip hop. I started out imitating MJ moves but i dont really anymore XD

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