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I'm 21 and thinking of taking River Dance / Irish Step Dance. I'm a female (of course). And I'm not over weight, just haven't done a real work out in a long time. I bus (clean) tables for a job. So I left a lot of weight on busy days and of course walk for about six hours. If not more in one day.

Saying that, I'm not that small. But I'm in fair shape. So I was wondering if there was any advice for someone like me. I don't have much sense of beat. I sorta do yet I don't. I hope that makes sense...

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Yes, I feel a bit odd and embarrassed to ask online. Since I know around my area they teach Irish Step Dance. I can kick high like a cheerleader can. For a short while I was in track. And when I was younger my Mom taught me dance stretches.

Like to hold the arch of your foot without bending your knee.

I don't have a laptop, yet. So I can't dance outside or practice.

Yeah... So please answer if you can give me some good advice. 'Cause I'd like to try something different. I was never in dance as a kid.