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  • Post One: Intro & Forum Survival / What Goes Here
  • Post Two: What Does Not Go Here (Terms of Service Violations and how to Cope and Report)
  • Post Three: Forum Feel and Multiple Thread Removal List
  • Post Four: Additional Rules and Guidelines


Welcome to the newly re-vamp Entertainment Sports Forum! This is your place on Gaia to gather with your fellow sports fans! We are not always going to have the same opinions but as long as we keep disagreements civil, it's going to be a blast! This forum is for marching band, JORTC, cheerleading! Generally speaking, if it is a thorough discussion thread and it does not fall under one the topics covered in either of our main Sports forum or Prowrestling subforum, or falls under our spam rules, it can go here. Please see the "Don't" section in the next post for clarification on this.

Use the other Sport forums!

Are you ready for some football?! How 'bout some soccer? Baseball? Paintball?! Then you need to go to the main Sports Forum.
Are you a fan of a Pro-Wrestling? (WWE, TNA, ROH, etc). Please be sure to create threads on these topics in the Prowrestling Subforum.
What Does Not Go Here?


Swearing is not against the Terms or Service, but using swears directly AT another user can be a violation, so be mindful of this

Posting in Misplaced Threads

Do not post in misplaced threads. Please just report them. Posting in misplaced threads just bumps them up to the top of the forum and keeps them on the front page. Let's keep the front page open for all the sports talk!

Heated Arguments:

We know how heated that you sports fans can get. Be sure to keep flaming out of these situations. It's fine to have differing opinions but don't take it too far. Flaming is a violation of the Terms of Service and we don't want that!


Even though it may be sports related, do not post any referral links/games. It is a violation of the Terms of Service. This includes but is not limited to solicitations for fantasy sports leagues, offsite message boards, etc.

Please be sure to follow the Terms of Service and Rules and Guidelines here, as in all forums.

Reporting Problems and Contacting Moderators

Please be sure to follow the Terms of Service and Rules and Guidelines here, as in all forums. If you find Terms of Service violations, or threads that may need moved to a different forum, please use an appropriate report. The procedures for doing so can be found here.

You can find online moderators by following the "View Forum Moderators" link at the top of the forum.

Gaia Staff will NEVER ask for your password! If anyone asks you for your password, report it.
Forum Feel

Entertainment Sports Rules and Guidelines!
Sticky added on January 14th, 2007. This sticky gives the forum's rules and guidelines. It also states how to report violations and has a list of what is deemed a multiple or misplaced thread along with where they belong.

Misplaced and Multiple thread list
What Does Not Go Here?


Flaming or trolling is not tolerated in the Sports Forum, or anywhere on GAIA. Abusing others because they have different views than you or making indirect hateful comments/slams can and will result in your account receiving a warning. This includes and is not limited to "JROTC cadets are just wanna be cheeleaders!" "Guy cheeleaders are fags!" "Marching band is for nerds.."


Please keep the Sports Forum spam free. If it isn't sports related, please don't post it here. Topics such as "Bump/spam/say hell yeah if you like a certain sport or team", are considered spam, and will be removed. Posting "repeated" or "wrong forum" in a misplaced thread will also be treated as spam. Also note, "is sex a sport" and similar threads aren't permitted because they have no relevance to sports discussion. Additionally, low content/low discussion threads may be moved to the Chatterbox forum or the Recycle Bin depending on content.


Please do not bump a thread in this forum unless its fallen off of the first page. Continual bumping will be considered spamming.

Least Fave Sport/I Hate Threads

Since people in this forum are here because they obviously like sports, we do not permit users to make threads stating things like "I hate ___ sport/" We also do not permit "least favorite sport" as it does not foster much actual sports discussion and can easily descend into flaming.

Is __x__ a sport? threads

These type of entertainment sports now have their own forum. Here! Now there is no need to create threads that can sometimes lead to flame wars because now there is a whole subforum to discuss anything about everything!

Wrestling/Pro-Wrestling threads

Athough prowrestling threads cover a topic that would be concidered entertainment sports, they now have their own Pro-Wrestling Subforum. Regular wrestling threads belong within the main Sports Forum.

Girls versus Boys threads

Many of these threads can progress into flaming and hurt feelings. Due to this undeniable ability, we have decided that these threads are not allowed within the sports forum. Many sports do not allow certain genders to play while other require only that of the other gender.


Threads betting on Sports do not belong in this forum. Please use the Lotto/Money Games forum in the Exchange.


  • Random/Nonsense Posting: Please take these types of posts to the
    Chatterbox Forum. Repeatedly posting nonsense outside of the chatterbox can result in warnings/bannings against your account.

  • Also, look around and see if there isn't already a thread on the same topic as you wish to make. Repeat threads are subject to be moved to the recycle Bin or the Chatterbox Forum.

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