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So I rode my horse to the river, this was our second time going there, and the river has huge white sandy beaches that are really good for her hooves cuz it's very soft and cool. So I was trotting her up and down the river (cuz she's scared of water) and all of a sudden FWOOOSH she just sank right into the sand to her chest... I jumped off her and tried to lead her out out but the more she struggled, the more she sank. Finally she rested, and I was pulling my hair out thinking "what do I do what do I do!" I had my cell phone with me but I didn't know if 911 could even find us in time. And we were in a pretty remote part of the river. So I got up the reins and pulled her towards me and she finally got footing and managed to climb out.

So yeah, both of us were just shaking and I was hugging her even though she was totally covered in sand... I've never had anything like that happen on a ride. Not going down to the river again, I just learned from my neighbor that apparently there's a lot of quicksand pits down there and a lot of horses fall in. Still pretty shaken, but at least we're okay.
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holy crap. O_O;
I'd be pretty traumatised too, kudos to you for not panicing in any case ^^
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That's crazy! I'm glad that your horse wasn't hurt cause that whole scenario could have gone terribly wrong.
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I feel so bad for you! I would be freaking out if that happened to be.
You're very lucky. Thank god it all turned out well!

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Really?? exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim
You got lucky, most horses would end up not being able to get out.
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You got lucky, most horses would end up not being able to get out.

Lol this all happened about a year ago, I went to the river again a month ago with my dog and saw a guy trotting his horse down the river, and the EXACT same thing happened to him. Horse went wooooosh sank up to his chest and the poor guy riding him was just running around the horse panicking, I had to help him get his horse out and on to the bank, poor horse was exausted and the poor guy was just in shock. Kinda hard watching it all happen from the viewer's point of view.

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