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Male cheerleading is....

Awesome I love it! :D 0.46666666666667 46.7% [ 28 ]
Disgusting, i hate it! >XP 0.1 10.0% [ 6 ]
eh, its whatever. :P 0.43333333333333 43.3% [ 26 ]
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male cheerleaders are almost always cute pies x3
too bad they're usually gay too... crying
Did you guys hear about that poor little boy? :C

Apparently *sigh* yes...

Poor kid. At least it didn't let him get down.
No different than football or any other male sport. It's an awesome way to stay in shape, it's fun, get to socialize and meet new people, show off your crazy skills by holding a girl up in the air with one arm while she's standing on one leg. Don't tell me that doesn't sound like a good time =P
Male Cheerleading ?
Ummm shure i mean if u like it then play it mrgreen
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im bi so i guess i am not really picky, but i like people who have talent, or love what they do whether its a hobbie like singing or like chearleading it doesnt matter, and it kinda sucks if they get called gay an stuff.. if their not they are labeled.. if they are.. sucks for all the straight girls in the crowd.. heart
My opinion on Male Cheerleading
I love cheer cause im a cheerleader smile
And i feel as if Cheer is a good workout and teaches you life lessons smile
just like any other sport
and yes at times i do get comments but i just let it slip out my head smile

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I think that guy cheerleaders are cool. I mean, all the lifting and throwing they have to do would probably be easier on them than on the girls (in general). That and the fact that they're pretty athletic.
We have, well had, male cheerleaders on my team for one season, one then quit because he was weak as anything and couldn't stunt, mid-way through our second season my coach got fed up with the "I can get away with anything because I'm a boy and get special privileges" attitudes and kicked two of them off, and the last two had to quit because of grades. No one really looked down on them in the school, but they were worse then girls most of the time. They complained about everything, conditioning, the long practices, having the to go to games and stay the whole time, early practices, etc. They never were responsible or accountable either. Always late, or a no show without any notice or so much as texting the coach or any of the captains, lying about why they weren't where they were supposed to be and being flat out disrespectful. My team honestly functions better without the boys around, or at least those boys.
Male Cheerleaders are awesome. Although I was never in cheer... about 8 or so years ago when I was still a youngin' there was a guy who joined my ballet class. We all thought he was pretty awesome, though he quit after a while which was a shame. And yes I do agree that Male Cheerleaders are smart, they're surrounded by girls! Most of the guys at my school take dance classes just so they can be around girls. Those sneaky men.
Lawl I'll like to be a male cheerleader.
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Male cheerleading are wonderful.
Actualy our school nowadays BADLY needs boy cheerdancers. but sadly. Our boys are currently interested to basketball. sad
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It's just like regular cheerleading, and personally, most people think it's gay but I see nothing wrong with it.
As A Female Cheerleader, Id Have To Say That Male Cheerleaders... Are Frickenn Beaast smile
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male cheerleaders are almost always cute pies x3
too bad they're usually gay too... crying

I've never ever met a gay male cheerleader. Or even heard of one..

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