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Hey, what about dancing, is that a sport? Let me know on your opinions razz ! I believe its a sport with all its competitions however, I Hardstyle Shuffle!!! ^_^ Though there are contests and competitions of it, they are not aired. It's popular to many but, most troll on it xD What dance do y'all do? And if anyone doesn't know what Hardstyle Shuffle is I'll give you a link to my videos! Signing out razz
Lets compare. biggrin

Dance you have to practice just like when playing sports.
Dance you have competition teams just like sports have teams for games.
Dance takes alot of core strength just like sports.

THose three things pretty much sum it up.
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seriously... dancing. I have no idea
im just trying to earn gold hehehe cool
nice to here your opinions on it smile
I think it is.Sports make people do something active and dancing you move around a lot and do different moves.I say it is a sport.
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Yes, because:
You compete
You physically train and condition for it
It depends weather you compete or not because if you dont do it copetitively then it is technicaly not a sport. biggrin
Sports are defined as "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature" on Dictionary.com

Dance is an athletic activity
Dance requires skill
Dance requires physical prowess
Dancers compete

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yeah it is a sport!!
Yeah it is because you sweat and you have to train for it =)
Heck yes dancing is a sport??
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Of course dancing is a sport.
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what you guys are saying makes sense, but I've always thought of dance as more of an art rather than a sport. i guess it can be considered a sport...

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