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I know I am a huge gamer, but I also play three sports... Am I the only one? smile
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I'm sure there's many out there
that do that, as i am included as well.
( ˚ ∆ ˚ )/
im a gamer an a jock
i play 4 sports and i am a gamer
starting defense on varsity football for two years and frequent rock climbing trips in the midwest, and more 360 games than I can count smile
You're not the only one. biggrin
Basketball, skateboarding and gaming, an epic combination. smile
dont count me out!!
I play fifa and I play soccer
I love online games as much as i love playing sports biggrin
I play basketball and play xbox+ps3, ik im pretty amazing o3o
I play basketball 3nodding heart
You're far from the only one. I game and play soccer, swim, play hockey and play water polo. It's actually pretty common in certain generations. The younger gens though don't find that balance and you have a lot of them over weight
I play football/soccer, frisbee and I'm currently taking up Muay Thai right now.
I play basketball, volleyball, badminton, baseball and I play ps3 and xbox, and also online games.
I figure skate year round everyday except for Sunday fir 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours everyday and I love playing videogames! And online games as well my favorite games are the Zelda series

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