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What is your favourite type of horse riding to take part in?

Dressage 0.089887640449438 9.0% [ 8 ]
Jumping / Cross Country 0.2247191011236 22.5% [ 20 ]
Trail riding / Pleasure riding 0.35955056179775 36.0% [ 32 ]
Racing 0.02247191011236 2.2% [ 2 ]
Polo / Polocrosse 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Rodeo events 0.033707865168539 3.4% [ 3 ]
Vaulting / Trick riding 0.01123595505618 1.1% [ 1 ]
Other 0.14606741573034 14.6% [ 13 ]
I don't ride 0.1123595505618 11.2% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 89 ]
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Are there any other horse lovers on here?
If so, do you have your own horse, what type of riding do you do etc etc

I have always loved horses, but never been allowed a horse of my own. But soon I might be leasing a horse from a nearby riding school, so I'm really excited biggrin
I love jumping , but I'd really like to try polocrosse one day

So what about you?
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Yes, I do love horses.
No, I don't own my own horse but I reeeeeeeeeeally want to.
When I was a little child I had a small interest in horses then eventually that grew and here I am today.
I like to do dressage. And Quadrills with my wonderful little quadrills team.
It's good to see a horse lover other than myself on here.
yes i do have a horse. 2 actually. and i ride and compete in everything. I especially love jumping though heart . iv been riding since i was 6 ( im 16 now )
and iv never gotton bored of horses. this is my gorgous girl Bibi!!!!!
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I love horses!! Mostly I do trail riding or pleasure riding, but once in a while the park where they manage the horses holds a gymkhana, then I join with racing or barrel smile Check out this site: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

it's a cool site where you can breed your own virtual horses smile
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Yay... #1male horse lover on gaia...
Rode from 6-10 and now I ijust hang out with them and go trail riding.
At my house we've had maybe ten different horses come and go and currently have 3 mares (Ugh... All spoilled rotten) and just got a giant Draft named sweety... Alas my mother still wont let me ride her because shes 3 and really crazy...
I do!! Ive done everything western, now Im going back to English & working on Dressage & Jumping. This is my foxtrotter, Duke.

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Hey all, I'm just gonna start off by saying that I wouldn't really class myself as a rider. I do equine photography and I have been training my horse recently, but I have to move her down south to stop her getting Queensland Itch, so I've stopped training her... It's sad Cos I'll miss her, she's a part of my family.

Her name is Wimballan Tilly and she's a Friesian Warmblood Mare, coming up 4 years old. I bred her and was there when she was born. She's a bit pig-headded but she was my first horse apart from a thoroughbred that I never really liked. I am a heavy horse person and adore the Gypsy horses. My stallion is Wimballan Geordie. I have many other horses but these are my favorites
Another thing is, I don't believe in bits, shoes, spurs or whips on horses. The only way to train them is with positive reinforcement. I completely disagree with 99.9% of all horse sports and the same with almost every single person who ever goes near a horse.
If you really love your horse, find out what you're putting it through every time you ride!!
Hae peeps!

I'm soooo horse crazy and I don't own a horse but I do have horse riding lessons and I ride a grey horse, Biggles!

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I love horses as well I have a beautiful Arabian mare who is now 31 I've had her threw most of my teen years. Still ride her on short trails. I do a lot of different riding
But my most by far fave is mountain,lake,beach,and bareback trail riding.
I never owned my own horse either, but my instructor trains green horses, and I got really attached to one pony: Lily. She liked me too so far as I could tell, and I was one of only two people to ride her frequently, and the only person to ever show her. Her first show and my first show were the same show, and normally you would think that would be a bad idea, but we trusted eachother, and my instructor had faith in us. We won all four of our classes, and the high point ribbon. I rode her in hunter classes, but I go to a rodeo camp, and I've fallen in love with Goat Tying. As for Lily? She was sold away from me almost two years ago. I haven't seen her since. I would post a picture of her, but I'm on my grandmother's laptop and I don't have the picture saved onto it yet (and with low memory, I don't want to use it all up) so I'll give you a link.
The people?
Me and two friends who I will not post their names.
Lets see... I ride Reining horses the most. I love it. If im not up to the fast slids and spins. I love the smooth lope and Trots of a Western Pleasure Horse. Or if i just wanna saddle up and go for a trail ride with my friends ill do that too. Horses are my entire life. Oh and those Cowboys and their Horses... there part of that whole picture too. heart
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I pretty much grew up with them. Never owned a barn or anything, my mom started riding when I was born. Started riding about three-four years ago, my barn's mostly full of rescue horses. <33 I have a rescue yearling from North Dakota, we think he's only about 1 year 5 months. I've shown around my barn but bigger shows are too expensive. I ride english.. Western saddles are uncomfortable to me. @_@;
I do take lessons,and i am going to get a horse soon.I ride a horse naed cinnamon and i do trail/pleasure but i want to learn to jump.
I have my own horse...his name is poncho and I love him!!! heart heart heart but my trainer wants me to sell him crying I jump and just basically have fun with my baby
I love ponies! =D

I started taking riding lessons when I was eleven, so that's nearly ten years, now. During my four years taking lessons, I fell in love with a green riding pony (horse/pony cross), who was a nasty handful for the majority of the lesson students. Dumped more than one.

Long story short, I started leasing him from my instructor--she hoped he'd calm after a few years. He didn't, so eventually she sold him to me. <3 I feel extremely fortunate to be one of the probably very few people to eventually get to own that favourite lesson horse.

Here he is~

And again! :3

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