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Hockey, that is a no-brainer for me. Something about fights, skates on ice and hearing people yell "somebody hit somebody" haha. As for favorite team? Well, that's simple. The Pittsburgh Penguins.
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Football, is fun! My favorite team is the Cardinal.
I like both, but I watch football more. Favorite team for hockey the Detroit Redwings and my favorite football team are the 49ers.
LOOL! If I Shoould be honest... Football Suucks a**... People think it's fun to watch and it's real hard work... Yeah nooooo its not... You stop every 5 seconds & have a 5 minute break like WTF... What Kinna game is that?... Its not as hard as hockey.. Where as you needa have good balance and it doesn't stop every 5 seconds which literally drives me crazy! Hockey's way better. GOO CANUCKS GOOO! <3 Vancouver wink - LOOOL! We're Soo gonna win the Stanley cup this year;$ #Hockey # Funnn # Canada smile
Both. Oakland Raiders and San Jose Sharks.
Football no doubt. I love my Green Bay Packers!
Hockey is my number one Boston bruins or redwings and then my pat or denver
hockey for sure....and of course the Toronto Maple Leafs lol
Most definitely hockey! I don't get football at all DX

As for my favourite team? It's by far the Nashville Predators! C:
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Football no doubt. I love my Green Bay Packers!

I am a Green Bay fan too! I don't watch hockey much but I would have to say I am a Bruins fan...
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Hockey is in my blood. Sharks for life.
If I had to watch football, it'd be the 49ers.
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Hockey is by far my favorite sport, it's pretty much my everything. San Jose Sharks are my favorite team, lets just say I bleed teal(;
Hockey! Go Bruins!!
Hockey! Go Bruins!!
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Hockey and my favorite team would have to be Pittsburgh Penguins. Lets go Pens!!!

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