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Which number did you choose?

1 0.10526315789474 10.5% [ 2 ]
2 0.42105263157895 42.1% [ 8 ]
3 0.15789473684211 15.8% [ 3 ]
4 0.31578947368421 31.6% [ 6 ]
5 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes:[ 19 ]
Alright, so I'm doing a little psychology project on cheerleading, and how society, media and stereotypes affect it. All you do is look at the pictures below, choose which one you think best represents cheerleading, and then pick the corresponding number in the poll. If you want, you can leave an explanation of your choice, or provide an alternate opinion that I haven't listed. If you feel the need to be rude or insulting, feel free to make your own thread instead of posting that s**t here. Thanks.

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Threw that last one in there, just cause it's awesome. wink
Any other suggestions, just let me know and I'll add.
What an interesting project you're doing. I choose 2. Why?

1. They are just 2 girls talking, maybe they are not even cheerleaders.
2. My choice, because they are actually 'cheerleading.'
3. BOOBIES... But nothing else.
4. Dunno', I just don't like it.
5. Freakin' awesome o.o, but I stay with 2.
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I chose 4 because it just shows the ideal way of cheer leading.
Number two just reminds me of novice girls. Like seriously girl on the end, don't bend your elbow.

I was a cheerleader. I quit because of the stereotypes coming to life in the others. They gossiped too much and were snobbish, which was not me.
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It explains the real non fiction to cheer leading.
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- The typical stereotype that the media portrays cheerleading, always in the popular section of the student hierarchy, usually if not always with a very stuck up personality, and talk about nothing else but boys and their gigantic size cocks. This is definately not the cheerleading example.

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High School Cheerleading at it's finest, I consider this what amateur cheerleading is.

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It's still considered cheer leading but to a more sex-oriented group, primarily at the age of 25+, where showing cleavages is far more entertaining than the routine (more commonly professional stage like NFL or NBA as examples.).

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This is more of a technical skill contests, while I do consider this to be cheerleading, I also count this in a competitive region, where more difficult routines are executed.

I choose 2 and 4 due to the fact that it isn't just about sexual, it's an example of what Cheerleading is suppose to be, rather than what its made out to be in media, which let's face it, it's showing the wrong side of it.
My interpretation of the pics are what they really are, post modern fashionist subliminally attempting to create androgyny axioms and characterises between both genders by propagating ambiguous sexuality, though the attire the cheer leaders are wearing. The attire the cheerleaders are wearing are a mans attire. Why are they giving them to women sweatdrop . After all the so called mini (Tunic) skirts are traditionally worn by roman men and gladiators, men who shed there blood and gave there live in defence of there nation. It' seems to me a media tecniqe to condition personality and behaviour by projecting an image of normality.

Culture is anything that is learned. We are social beings, and are born helpless with our instincts to guide us by learning from things we see, everything else we know of´╗┐ the world is learned, our culture is, just as the words we speak have been. And everything in the pics, are attempting to make people learn, there is no difference between male and female characterics.

But year,my oponuin may not provide your reseach with anything useful.

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