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do you think cheerleading is a sport

yes 0.875 87.5% [ 7 ]
no 0.125 12.5% [ 1 ]
maybe 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes:[ 8 ]
This poll closed on June 24, 2011.
No longer accepting new votes.

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im sick an tired of people telling me that cheerleading is a sport..if altimate frisbee is a sport or golf is then so is cheerleading.. i really dont get it..i mean we practice as much it takes as much controll as any other sport..also it was scienticlly proven that people lose more weight by cheering
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I KNOW! The footballers are all yelling at me because they say cheer leading isn't a sport, well it's obviously a sport if it's in the options of sports for most high schools NATIONWIDE!
know we work just as hard, and maybe even harder thats why it upsets me soo much but..idk i mean i would like to see what people do it they had to come to one of my hard practices...they will probaly change their mind
well it has 3 sports in it so ya its a sport
What do u mean by 3sports in it
I have never been a cheerleader, but I've watched it, and it defiantly is a sport
yeah thats for agreeing
I bet I'm the only guy replying to this, but ya its a sport i guess. I mean, girls work so hard to get into tht. At my football n track practices wen i hang out wit the cheerleaders they say tht they ran miles n did push ups n then practiced hard on perfecting dance moves. They have competitions and they have try outs. Even tho they dnt have games, its a team n their sexy and they root in team spirit n their a sport

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