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ppl say cheerleading isnt a sport...u r all wrong tho...if it wasnt a sport y is it all ova t.v. magazines internet news and more....and i bet cant throw a round off 3 backhandsprings to a full now can u??? exactly so next time u say it isnt a sport...take a rain check and open ur eyes cuz it is a sport....and its a way of life....live it

I heart 2 CHEER!
And then Elmo was..
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You just made me lol XD

cheer leading= sport... i dont know... isn't it really just kinda more for fun... well it could be a sport but i don't think so
cheer leading is half sport yelling out retarded cheers arent a sport but the stunts,gymnastics are

(stunts are sooo fun to watch) mrgreen
cheerleading a sooo a sport
and my fav sport is cheerleading
I agree about cheerleading being a sport. Even though a lot of people seem to think cheerleading is just a bunch of girls shouting out cheers and stuff it's not. And not all cheerleaders are brain-dead people! Sorry. redface Anyway, I love cheerleading! Goooo team! heart
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I think it is a sport, because hell alot of things become sports. I just wish my school had better cheerleaders.
It only counts as a sport if they are hot and they give me a boner
I am a cheerleader and it is totally a sport. I am not one of those ditzy girls that dances on the sidelines of a football game or whatever. My team is strictly competitive. We have a set routine that takes amazing choreography (thanks to Erin, Bri, and Mel, our coaches for the sweet routine they put together ofr us this year!!) strength, dancing skills, flexibility, and most of all, stamina. We went to seven competitions this year and did really well, considering we are only a second year team. We do stunts (Where we lift the girls in the air) and everyone in those must work really really hard. There are usually 3 lifters on the bottom, who must maintain balance while holding the girl in place, strength to get her up there, and stamina to keep her up there. The tops need strength because it is part of her job to help herself get up, balance so she doesn't fall, and flexibility in most stunts. I have done both lifting and topping, and they both require amazing amounts of skill. The routines we perform with are usually about 3 or 4 minutes long, but it is all physical work. There are dancing, jumps, independant stunts, and pyramids. The 3 minute routine took 6 months to complete and put together. That in itself tells you that it is a hard sport to learn, practice, and do. Our season just ended. We had our last competition yesterday and we did so well. I'm proud of us. For everyone who says that it is not a sport, google some of the videos of competitive cheerleading, and then tell me that it is not. It is entertaining, physicaly demanding, and what's more.. unlike most other sports, we all support the other teams in competition. When they hit a stunt or do well, or fall, no matter what, we always cheer them on.

(feel free to use any of these points against anyone who says it isn't a sport)

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