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I WANNA PLAY!!!!!!!! biggrin I don't own a gun, but my cousin's husband does, and he takes me shooting all the time. I LOVE airsoft and paintball! XD
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i have a
co2 pistol
sniper black opps version
a desurt eagle
3 shot guns
i love air soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a combat machine m4 with a PWS Diablo rail system, magpul str stock. internals are all systema except for the motor, thats kwa motor. my sidearm is a tokyo marui desert eagle .50AE 2003 model with a guarder full metal upgrade kit, nine ball 170% spring set, nineball rails and high flow/output valve. all of the parts on both guns i have installed myself, any airsoft questions, just pm me or post here, i can help with almost anything
i have an A&K M60 with a 12volt battery and an Echo1 grenade launcher mounted on it. (i had to modify an mp5 rail mount to do it). my two side-arms are an echo1 p90 and a mac11.
Barely Anyones Here. Odd .
I'm looking for art for my airsoft teams flag can anyone help biggrin
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Let's see if I can remember everything.

Primary: KWA M4 Tactical S-system, sometimes a shotgun though.
Secondary: KWA USP or WE Px4, two magazines; one in the gun, one for reload

Pantec MPS vest w/ admin pouch, x2 frag pouch
2 Madbull foam frag grenades
Thunder-B sound grenade + 2 extra shells and CO2 canisters

Magazine count for my primary varies depending on where I'm playing; two hicaps for when I'm playing CQB or casual games, full load of midcaps when I'm playing sim games.
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I have an AEG MP7 and a CYMA Thompson. I have a Co2 pistol too, but I don't know what brand it is 'cause I got it used xp

Has anyone else here ever been to CQB City in Stockton, CA? surprised
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i have an aftermath m4-s and a cybergun thompson
i use either vietnam or acu camouflage and wear a bandana with a pair of flightdeck gogles
and instead of magazines i have a dump pouch with 2 waterbottles of bbs
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I don't really play airsoft, but i would love to get into it, the airsoft guns i have used have proven to be flimsy, inaccurate, and short lived, so i never invested much into it.

If i had to have a airsoft loadout, i would want:


SECONDARY - Socom Mark 23

I'm fairly certain they make airsoft varients of both, considering i have a significant amount of skill with both of those as real firearms, using the airsoft varients should be a walk in the park.
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i have a cybergun thompson but im looking into a kwa m16 with a free float ris and a mosfet with three round burst
I play with an Echo 1 G3. I run a surplus Austrian H harness with the buckle on my right hip to allow magazines all across the front (like plate carriers have it).
I collect camo so I'll wear whatever seems appropriate for the field I am playing at.

I don't play much right now but am excited to start playing again this summer when my work load isn't so high.

G3 + H Harness

I don't have an image of all my camo together and don't feel like posting the individual images. I like to collect camo I own Woodland, German Woodland Flecktarn, Italian Vegetato, and WWII U.S. Army Camouflage Uniform. I also have brown, tan, and OD BDUs and a 3 color desert BDU cover.
I am looking to get my hands on some FG ATACS, JSDF Flecktarn, Chinese mountain Flecktarn, LATPAT and some ACUs to dye green as that turns them into a decent woodland camouflage.

I also own NWUs. But those are not airsofting clothes. They're work clothes.
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IM HOMEEEEE! I went rogue from my old team up here in the city of Chicago who plays IN Chicago ( rolleyes legally of course because its been challenged stare )

but I have a CYMA AK-74. love it
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I feel obligated to share my collection and loadout lolol

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

my Taiwanese Marine Corps loadout, primary being an SRC T91 with a Magpul UBR stock, MIAD grip, and Elcan M145. Internally, the gun uses a 6.03 tightbore, a Lonex A2 motor, and a G&G green. I accidentally hit Pluto once.

my secondary is a Tokyo Marui Hicapa 4.3

here's a better picture of the rifle by itself, but with a 552 instead of the Elcan.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

CYMA SOC 16 and Dboys SCAR-H with VFC SCAR-H gearbox

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Top to bottom: SCAR-H. CYMA AK-105, SRC T91, Tokyo Marui M4, Dboys M4SD

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

And uh, BE Howa Type 89, because Japanese rifles are cool.


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