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I made u a bump xD I was bored xD
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-FN P90


-KWA M26C Metal slide Gas Blowback Machine Pistol

-EAC (APS) M4 Carbine Custom Blowback AEG

-A&K M29 MKII SAW Machine Gun

-GR15 Raider Rifle

-GR4 CQBH M4 Tactical Rifle

-Mauser SR Pro-Tactical Sniper Rifle

-181-C Shotgun

-KJW 1911

This is my gun list.
I don't need airsoft guns. i have AT4 rocket launcher in between my legs
I don't need airsoft guns. i have AT4 rocket launcher in between my legs

It take off very often? XD
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... Those are a lot of Bumps. >.>

Anyway, my collection adds up to:
A CA M15a4(Stock except for the barrel and piston)
An Ares TAR-21(The MAr version... I'm still not sure just why I bought this.)
An ICS CXP M4(The olympic arms one, and aside from the piston head, motor, and inner barrel, it is stock.)
A Steyr Arms Aug. Not sure which brand, but it had the trademarks. Either JG Or the original.
An Ares G36(The long one, with bipod and 3x scope)
A Javelin M4 CQBr
A WE M14(With the EBR kit)
A KWC PT99(Co2 50 rnd mag)
And a WE 4.3 Desert Warrior M1911

I tend to keep to modifying the externals, rather than the internals, I just noticed.
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Airsofters Thread?
Talk About Your Guns?
Talk About Equipment.
Talk About Games.

Have Fun!

air soft is amazing but paintball is more fun in my opinion o-o
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Well right now i have a MP5 and an AUG STEYR and i have a Woodland tiger camo load out. Im planning to buy the G&G UMP soon
CA G36 (Full length, not the K or C)
-Real Steel Carry handle with scope for the G36
-G&G Steel Charging Handle
-S&P G36-M4/M16 Magwell conversion kit. (Lets me use any M4/M16 style magazines)

-CA Gearbox with Systema High torque gear set.
-CA Stainless Tight-bore barrel. (6.035 mm vs 6.08 mm standard)
-Custom Wiring harness to rear external battery. (Batter fits in a single mag pouch thats strapped onto the stock, allows me to fit a large type 9.6)
-M120 spring (380 FPS)

??? M15-A4 Carbine
-CA Aftermarket Metal Body with Armalite Trades
-CA Sportline Front end and solid stock.
-Real Steel Carry Handle

-Tokyo Mauri v2 Gearbox with stock TM gears. (Came from a TM M773)
-Tokyo Mauri EG1000 motor
-Steel Bushings
-M120 Spring (380 FPS)
-CA Tightbore

My handguns:
Tokyo Mauri P226 GBB

KWA M93r (I've had it for several years so if anyone say "ooh like cawwllofdeewdei" I'll kill them)

Tokyo Mauri MK23 Socom GNBB

KWA KP45 (NS2 Version)


UTG Multi-shot Shotgun

JG-Bar10 (very well upgraded, shoots about 540 with an accurate range of 300 feet)

D-boys M203 grenade launcher.
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what i tis have now
-F4 boys Full and semi auto electric M16
-various spring pistols and rifles
and im working on my own homemade ghillie suit and im truing to add Ghillie cammo to my m16 and soon to get a M14 or other type of sniper type weapon
LOVE AIRSOFT!!! and kickass... not very many people even know what it is and not to many girls play. its awesome when i meet girls who actually play biggrin
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I've played a few games a couple years ago and it's pretty fun.
I have:

-Full Metal AGM M16 Vietnam Version

-(possibly CYMA) 1928 Thompson

-Dboys Kar98k

-HFC Boxcannon Mauser c96

and hopefully ill get a silver M1911...i just wonder which company sells the best silver M1911....
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I have a JG M16A4 that I modded to make it look like the MK12 SPR.
Then I have a depending on my mood I use my SOCOM gear M9, a P226, or my favorite CYMA Glock 18. oh yeah I also love playing MILSIM.
I just recently added to my collection:

Mostly stock inside, electric feeding drum mag

Stock inside except for disabling full auto and dropping in an M150 spring. Slapped some OD rail covers on it, a CTS stock with a 7.2 lipo in the buffer tube and 3x9x40 scope with high rise scope rings and an anti-glare cap. I'm considering drilling out the piston for a improved trigger response.

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