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Loved it. I'm an obsesive gamer so I was drawn into it by the video game cameos. I loved all that but the story was excellent too.

Oh, and as someone else said, Vanelepe was adorable, lol.
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Absolutely awesome movie! So much better than I thought it was going to be! I love how they made the characters so real, and Felix's old fashioned speech had me laughing so hard I almost cried xD

And I love how they ripped off Mario Kart. That last bit of the race with Candy and Vanellope, with the secret path and all that? I think that's from an actual level on the N64 Mario Kart; My brother always took that path and beat me when we were kids xD

I was laughing like an idiot when Vanellope got on the "rainbow road" too xDD

And how the Nicelanders were all jittery and moving like old graphics xD

And I was worried about it at first, since I went with my mom who doesn't know anything about videogames. I wasn't sure she'd enjoy it, but we were both very, very into it. Definitely one I'm going to have to see again.
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i havent seen it yet but i really want to crying
I saw the movie twice and loved it! Love King Candy! xd
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I saw the movie twice and loved it! Love King Candy! xd
lol but he was the villain.
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I saw the movie twice and loved it! Love King Candy! xd
lol but he was the villain.

Doesn't matter to me, most of my favorite animated characters are the villains. surprised .
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Every bit of pixel love for this film. Cannot wait for the sequel.

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so amazing biggrin i want to buy the dvd when it comes out ><
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I wanna see it >w<
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I loved the movie, 7/10. =]
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It's EPIC! biggrin
3d animated movie of the year
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Oh my goodness! I enjoyed it sooooo much <3 I totally got teary eyed when Ralph wrecks the car and when he does the villain chant for the second time.

I had no idea the movie could be something so thought-felt.

I'm hoping for a sequel which deals with the wider world of video games. Maybe a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph which, like Donkey Kong, features Ralph as a hero.

Or about competitive gaming (they already have Walter Day as Mr. Flitwik, they could have Weibe and Mitchell avatars too) and how it effects the world.

I mean... Kill Screens. That's all I'm saying.

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