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I don't really care for his movies- I always finding myself disappointed after watching them
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I love his movies. I think he has a very unique touch on things. I quite enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, still iffy on going to see Frakenweenie, think I'm gonna wait until it comes out on dvd to see it. Regardless of TNBC actually being titled his, it's still one of my favorite movies, along with Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands.
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I love 'Nightmare Before Christmas' and 'Corpse Bride'!!!

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Sorry, I'm a random newb.

~Amber rolleyes 3nodding
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While I'd have personally preferred the live action version (complete in black and white), I can't say I adored the addition of the extra animals. Cats and their mystical poop, mummified hamsters, and turtle-surus didn't draw me in. I saw the original, and would have loved just the dog.

The dog carried the movie, so even in you weren't drawn in by vampire cats, you can spend about 10 minutes getting popcorn or using the bathroom. It's worth the $10 you get at the lower ticket price, and you can ignore the 'current social problem alerts' that frequently pop up in movies these days. The ending is a bit weak, but heartwarming, as it is Disney. No one dies (and are most certainly revived if they do.) and everyone learns a lesson.
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Because they don't take cinema studies? idk.
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pretty much because people feel comfortable watching those because it's familiar ground, Tim Burton is one of those directors that appeals to only a certain type of person, not everyone is gonna be fond of his original work because it's not their thing, he's not an "everyone" type of director. It's fine that way though because he seems to like it that way and trust me he will go down as one of the classics of our time, so even though not everyone sees his original work, he will be an icon from our time period
i love tim burton movies especially corpse bride
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...practically ignore his original ideas. In my personal opinion, his original work is his best work. I mean, when I ask someone what their favorite Burton film is they often say Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and sometimes they'll even throw in Sweeney Todd or even Planet of the Apes.

Sweeney Todd for me. While it wasn't exactly his idea, it was the first major movie adaptation.

Alice in Wonderland had a lot of missed potential. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was decent, but he did have to shoehorn in the obligatory 'alienated artist' bit he needs to spew over most of his movies. We get it, Tim.
Of all his movies, these are also the ones that seem to make the most money. Well, apparently Frankenweenie has had a weak opening so far despite the overwhelming positive reviews by top critics.

I didn't see it. It just didn't look appealing. We've all seen Young Frankenstein, and that's what this movie is presented as in the trailers: a parody.
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i love edward scissorhands and nightmare before christmass
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Technically Frankenweenie isn't even 'original' since it's based on Frankenstein, but regardless, it's more original than his blatant remakes.

I agree with you, however. The Nightmare Before Christmas has remained my favorite movie since I was a little tyke.

I find that a few of his remakes are actually rather dreadful than anything..

But I can, however, answer your question with this. People like seeing what they already know. They like to feel comfortable and don't want to see something unfamiliar. Why would you want to see a movie that was virtually the same as the first one? Because you know the story, and you're curious to see what the new director does with the story.

I'll admit that I flock to anything Tim Burton makes, but I've been thinking in recent years that maybe he isn't as great as everyone thinks he is. I mean, majority of his movies have been unoriginal. Ed Wood was based on the (infamous?) cross-dressing director, Corpse Bride was based on an old story, and obviously Batman, AIW, etc were all just blatant remakes.

I don't know...I'm starting to wonder where his idea for Beetlejuice and TNBC came from...
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i like sweeney todd
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I was disappointed when I saw that Frankenweenie wasn't going to be live-action. The dog from the first one was so cute.
The remakes are pretty bad. Maybe I'd enjoy them more as stand-alones, but when I already know the story behind Dark Shadows or Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I have a picture in my head and it's hard to let another take in. Especially when the originals are decades old and have been so ingrained...

I really did not want to see Frankenweenie...at all. My husband and I went out with a couple friends the other weekend, and these guys--two grown men--refused to watch anything else. We'd planned this outing for a month so you'd think they'd at least compromise on what movie we saw... Well anyway, it wasn't that bad. I'd never buy it and wouldn't feel inclined to watch it again, but I laughed out loud quite a bit. It wasn't bad.
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In all fairness, Disney HATED Frankenweenie the first time around because at the time, the subject was considered too dark/inappropriate for children so this may just be Burton's chance to "stick it to the man".

I haven't seen the remake yet mostly because I remember the original as a favorite and I don't like what I've seen from the commercials (the original story was straight forward and simple - adding extra characters and the drama of pets being brought back to life all over the place just seems like a heavy handed attempt to making the original long enough for movie release).

I didn't dislike Alice, but I much prefered Nightmare , Corpse Bride and the two Batman's he did. It feels like now he's just taking other peoples ideas and Burtonizing them, if you know what I mean.

((That being said, if he remakes Thumbelina or The Adam's Family, I will be the first in line for those tickets. Because I'm a tool confused ))
Everyone's tastes are completely different and therefore they may like some of his voices and then not the rest. But that happens with all amazing directors and writers. I personally love all there work and my daughter wants to see this movie so i might take her this week to see it.

I loved his earlier work but alice in wonderland was a amazing movie it was much darker than i thought and to be honest i hated the disneys alice in wonderland and all counter parts so i thought id hate this as much but TB really changed my mind.

Sweeny Todd, sleepy hollow, nitemare before christmas, corpses bride and dark shadows are in my top favourite movies of all time smile

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