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- Worst: Gigli...-_- I have no words
- Scariest: Gremlins - I'm pretty soft
- Funniest: A Fish Called Wanda - clever and funny!
- Romantic: -insert John Hughes movie-
- The Johnny-Depp-ist: Platoon - not a fan of Depp but he was in that one so there ya go!
Best show is south park
I love the LOTR trilogy
Worst: Sharknado lmao
Scariest: The exorcist
Funniest: Horrible Bosses
Romantic: I don't do romances but "the notebook" keeps coming to mind
Johnny Depp: From Hell
Favorite: The Conjuring =D
Worst: Upside Down (not bad idea, but the last 20 min. or less ruined the whole movie for me).
Scariest: 30 Days of Night (Freddy Krueger isn't bad)
Funniest: Huh, I really don't know which one to chose.
Romantic: Hmm, Dirty Dancing,10 Things I Hate About You.
The Johnny Depp-ist: Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland.
Worst: Scary Movie
Scariest: Reincarnation
Funniest: John Dies at the End
Romantic: The Phantom of the Opera
The Johnny-Depp-ist: Unable to choose, I love them all so!
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heart How to Train Your Dragon is my favorite movie of all time. I can't wait for the sequel in June. cat_whee cat_xd cat_razz
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Taking an example once again from the Anime/Manga/Comic forum --

Due to the massive amount of users getting around the 'favorite character/hated character' and 'favorite movie' sticky by posting threads such as 'worst movie' and such the mods have made an all encompassing sticky for all adjectives for movies.

So this includes:

- Worst
- Scariest
- Funniest
- Romantic
- The Johnny-Depp-ist

And any other adjectives you all can think up. This is to keep the discussion board clean, since the threads that stated 'what's your favorite adjective movie!?!' usually just amounts to users posting their movie and moving on. There's almost never a discussion.

The old 'favorite movie' sticky will be retired to the mists of the Gaia database and be prepared for a wave of threads being moved to the recycle bin.

So please use this sticky, otherwise you really shouldn't be whining when your 'what's your favorite gangster movie' gets binn'ed. gonk


- Mitsu

- worst - Titanic
- funniest - Monty Pithon "Brian"
- Romantic - My girlfriend is a Gumiho
- The Johny - Depp-ist - Pirates of the Carrebbean
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My Favorite movies: The Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor: the dark world, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, How to Train Your Dragon, Nightmare Before Christmas, Due Date, Despicable Me, The Incredibles, Up!

More I'm probably forgetting. XD
- Worst: Twilight
- Scariest: Chucky
- Funniest: Anything with Vince Vaughn
- Romantic: The Notebook
- The Johnny-Depp-ist: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

heart Stacy
Favourite- Lord of the Rings Trilogy <3
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Worst movie: Don Quixote.
I thought it was the worst movie I've ever seen, but when I told my friend this, she said that she thought it was ok and kept on asking me why I thought it was stupid and it made me mad.

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