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Best: Chicago/IWTV/Sideways/I Heart Huckabees
Worst: Napoleon Dynamite
Corniest/Falling-asleepiest: The Incrediables
Worst Chick Flick: How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days

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- Worst - Seed of Chucky
- Scariest - Childs Play gonk and IT crying ~mommy *runs home crying*
- Funniest - Ace Ventura Pet Detective: When Nature Calls
- Romantic - Legend
- The Johnny-Depp-ist - Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl

YES I HATE CHILDS PLAY MOVIES....AS WELL AS ANY MOVIE WITH CLOWNS..... crying Is it a crime to be scared of dolls and clowns its my phobia
best: constantine...
- Worst:Alexander
- Scariest:The Grudge[usa version]
- Funniest:Scary Movie,Austin Powers etc etc
- Romantic:Untamed Heart
best:troo many to chose, but it consists of LOTR, bourne identity/supremacy, and princess bride, to name a few biggrin

worst:cheaper by the dozen, just pathetic, and hillary duff doesn't help either scream

funniest:napoleon dynamite and predator, arnold swartzenegger(sp)is helarious blaugh

scariest: i am an extremely jumpy person, so i would say signs and texas chainsaw massacre, thanks to that moviei can no longer go in my basement eek

romantic:you've got mail is the cheesiest romantic film ever, exept maybe sleepless in seattle(witch almost made me gag), but i still like it. heart
Mitsukai Zenchou
Taking an example once again from the Anime/Manga/Comic forum --

Due to the massive amount of users getting around the 'favorite character/hated character' and 'favorite movie' sticky by posting threads such as 'worst movie' and such the mods have made an all encompassing sticky for all adjectives for movies.

So this includes:

- Worst
- Scariest
- Funniest
- Romantic
- The Johnny-Depp-ist

And any other adjectives you all can think up. This is to keep the discussion board clean, since the threads that stated 'what's your favorite adjective movie!?!' usually just amounts to users posting their movie and moving on. There's almost never a discussion.

The old 'favorite movie' sticky will be retired to the mists of the Gaia database and be prepaired for a wave of threads being moved to the recycle bin.

So please use this sticky, otherwise you really shouldnt be whining when your 'what's your favorite gangster movie' gets binn'ed. gonk


- Mitsu
I hope this sticky is still on going

Worst : Electric Boogalloo
Scariest : Psycho ( b/w 1960)
Funniest : Life of Brian
Romantic : Sweet Home Alabama
Johnny Depp-ist: Don Jaun Dimarco
WORST: gost ship stare
SCARIEST: the ring eek
FUNIEST: the terminal biggrin
FAVORITE: the X-MEN 3nodding heart
- Worst- Princess Diaries scream

- Scariest- i don't usually get scared but Saw was straight up twisted eek

- Funniest- Blue Collar Comedy Tour (don't know if it counts as a movie but it was hillarious enough to be one) xd
My faves of the movies are:

Worst- Napoleon Dynamiyte
Favorite- Grind (skateboarding movie)
Scariest- The Exorcist (I watched when I was younger)
Guilty Pleasure- Cabin Fever (that movie really sucked)
Worst: Croosroads
Best: Tons of Movies
Funniest: Men in Tights
Dumbest: Any Carebears/Barneys, etc.
Bests: Pirates of the Carebbian, LOTR, Knights Tale, Resident Evil 2, and others...
Worst: The Terminal
Romance: The Notebook
Scariest: Gothika
Johnny Depp ist: Pirates of the Carebbian and Secret Window
Best: You Got Served
Worst: Napolean Dynamite
Funniest: Juwanna Man
My faves of the movies are:
Scariest- The Exorcist (I watched when I was younger)

Hey, I watched this last year(at 13 years old, I turned 14 April 2nd) and it still scared the beejezus at of me! That will always be one of the scariest movies ever made!
- Worst: Star Wars Episode 1
- Scariest: Event Horizon
- Funniest: Spaceballs
- Romantic: I don't know...
- The Johnny-Depp-ist: Pirates of the Carribean.
- Worst - Amityville Horror (the original)
- Scariest - The Grudge...not the best plot over, but the first time I saw it in theaters, sooo incredibly scary!
- Funniest - Dodgeball
- Romantic - The Notebook
- The Johnny-Depp-ist - Finding Neverland...such a good movie!

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