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Funniest: School of Rock maybe? My friends and family don't really apriciate comedy movies enough so i don't get to see many good quality English comedy movies.

Animated: Spirited Away, Mulan, Nightmare Before Christamas and I'm having a love affair with the Lion King *again* at the moment. biggrin

Scariest: I tend not to watch scary movies because I get freaked out easily but i reckon for me it was The Grudge.

Sequel Film: The Lion King 2 or Shrek 2 *lookinh forward to number 3 ^-^*

Musical: Jesus christ Superstar

All around brilliance: Billy Elliot.
-Worst- Napolean Dynomite
- Scariest- (original) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- Funniest- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
- Romantic- (dont watch those movies)
-Best movie- Matrix
Worst: Dumb and Dumber...I hate that movie

Scariest: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Funniest: Spongebob

Romantic: The notebook

The Johnny-Depp-ist: Pirates of the Caribbean
OMG!! YAY!! I'm glad you had Johnny Depp-ist. finnally. there is someone else who shares my passion! yay!
Funniest: Napoleon Dynamite, Fear and Loeathing, Dazed and confused
Scariest: umm.....hmm...there were some pretty scary movies, but i think the lamest scary movie is house of 1000 corpses.
Romantic: Any movie with Johnny..... heart heart heart heart
Lamest:WOW..way to many...
but i bet the fourth one is gonna SUCK

best film EVER : Versus mmmmmmmm
Action: King arthur
Funniest: Shark tale
Scariest: The Ring (the japanese film)
Funniest: American Pie
Romantic: Moulin Rouge! ooooooooooooh
Worst: Any film with Ben Affleck!! (but Armagedon, which is not bad)
jonny depp-ist=Edward scissor hands=i heart this movie domokun
best: Jackass The Movie
funniest: Jackass The Movie
For me...

Funniest: A Night at the Roxbury

Scariest: IT (It's the #1 reason why I'm afraid of clowns)

Worst: Arlington Road

Romantic: Kate and Leopold heart heart heart

Action: Underworld

Favorite: Spirited Away by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki
Funniest: Shrek 1 ( the second one wasn't as good)

Dumbest: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the old version was way way scarier and it just SUCKED!!!)

Scariest: The Ring

Best: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Best Haha: Monty Python's Holy Grail, Clerks, Election
Best "Dark" Haha: The Cable Guy
Best "Weird" Haha: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Best Book-Movie Adaptation: (Bram Stoker's) Dracula, Blade Runner (Director's Cut), Lord of the Rings (duh!), oh and that Harry dude
Worst Book-Movie Adaptation: David Lynch's Dune (though I still like the movie)
Best Video Game-Movie Adaptation: Resident Evil (even though it wasn't much like the games)
Worst Video Game-Movie Adaptation: Wing Commander (I can't believe I payed money to watch that crap.)
Best movie with things that go BAMPH!: X-Men United
Best Movie With A Horse Tripping Over the Side of a Boat: The Ring
Best "Slow" Movie: Punch-Drunk Love, Blow-Up
Best Animated: An American Tale, Aladdin, Spirited Away
Best Digital Animated: The Incredibles, Shrek 2
Best "Very Pretty but Not That Great" Digital Animated: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Best Remake: Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Best "Not by Romero" Zombie Movie: 28 Days Later
Best Soundtrack From a Movie: Lost Highway
Best Modern Classic: Se7en
Best Movie That Spawned an Overused Catch Phrase: Jerry Maguire
Best Post-StarWars Revolutionary Special Effects: The Matrix
Best Post-Matrix Use of Bullet Time: ...

I'm tired...
Best Action movie : Man on Fire

Best Suspense movie : SAW

Best Horror movie : The Exorcist

Funiest movie : A Series of Unfortunate Events

Worst movie : Tagueki (A korean movie)

Most Dissapointing movie : Final Fantasy
my favorite movie is i'm gonna get you sucka
my most hated movie is any prissy a** movies expecially one's with hillary duff and lindsey lohan in them.
suspenseful- sin city....it knock all other movies off the list. i've never seen a movie with so much disrespect for the male genetalia in my life.
best: the fifth element
funniest:any jay and silent bob movie
worst:any disney movie
scariest:lol i have to fear

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