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funniyest:spongebob square pants movie

scariest:freddy kruger the night mear on elem steat,SAW


worst: mean girls stressed
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Best:Spirited Away
Worst: Napoleon Dynamite, The Village, any movie with Hillary Duff
Romantic: Never Been Kissed
Funniest: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Surf Ninjas!!
Scariest: The Ring
Action: LOTR
Johnny Depp: Edward Sissor Hands
- Best - Spirited Away would be up there
- Worst - Not Another Teen Movie and one's of similar genre.
- Funniest - Very Annie Mary
- Romantic - Romeo + Juliet, Beauty and the Beast, Strictly Ballroom
- The Johnny-Depp-ist - Piirates of the Caribbean or Edward Scissor Hands... Jack Sparrow was hilarious biggrin
-Best- The Crow, Donnie Darko, and 13 Ghosts
- Worst- White Chicks
- Scariest- 13 Ghosts
- Funniest- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
- Romantic- The Crow crying and Romeo&Juliet (old version)
- The Johnny-Depp-ist- The only one I saw was Secret Window
-best: Oh, so many good ones... Yojimbo, Princess Mononoke, Hero
-worst: Too many here too. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and all other teen-horror movies
-scariest: They really don't scare me, but here's some I just like: The Omen, The Shining (Jack Nicholson rules in this one!)
-funniest: Team America: World Police, The Holy Grail
-most romantic: Moulin Rouge... seriously
-best music: Princess Mononoke, Hero, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction... Good music can really make a movie stand out
-worst music: Troy, Teen movies
-biggest dissapointment: Finding Neverland
-biggest surprise (in a good way): Dark City, The Omen
-guilty pleasure: Macho action movies. Especially the ones with Steven Seagal xd
and finally, I have to do this
- the Johnny Depp-est: Sleeping Hollow
Funniest : Bruce Almighty

Favourite : Dr.Dolittle 1 & 2

Worst : 28 Days Later

Yeaaa, thats my movie description. Hate it or Love it wink
A Cinderella Story is the best!
- Worst --> Johnny English
- Scariest --> The Others
- Funniest --> Surf Ninjas, Man of the House (old one), Mulan, The Amazing Panda Adventure
- Romantic --> Fever Pitch,
- The Johnny-Depp-ist --> Cry Baby
Funniest: the roxbury

Scariest: i havenīt seen a scary one, maybe if silent hill the movie comes up.....

Worst: a princess diary

Romantic: chocolate

Action: underworld

Favorite: interview with the vampire, clockwork orange, city of lost children, dracula, star wars trilogy, lord of the rings trilogy.
best- Chicago, The Notebook, and the Nightmare Before Christmas
worst- the terminal, robots, and christmas with the cranks
funniest- white chicks
I loved the movie John Q and Save the Last Dance
Worst: Napolean Dynomite, Rollerball (the newer one)
Best: Any of the CKY, Steve O, or Jackass series, BASEketball, any thing by the makers of South Park
Funniest: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Team America: World Police, any of those old 50's "horror" movies (those are hillarious, preferably The Monster Who Challenged the Worled)
Romantic: I wouldnt know, not a big fan of those
Cult Classic: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Favourite : Black Knight , National Treasure , Team America

Worst : Lord of Flies , Lord of Flies 2

Scariest : Lord Of Flies , Lord Of Flies 2

Funniest : 8-Legged Freaks
<center>The Actionest movies: Blade series, Matrixes.
Sci-fiest movies: Star Wars.
Best movies: Star Wars, Blades, Matrixes, Resident Evil.

I'm not very original.

BEST: Mean Girls, Freaky Friday,Princess Diaries 1 & 2
WORST: BIRTH -->most boring movie i've ever watched
Scariest: Texas Chainsaw Massacre --->gross AND scary
Funniest: Shrek 2, My Sassy Girl
Romantic: My Little Bride

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