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Worst - Bug
Funniest - Mystery Science Theater 3000 the movie, and Pineapple Express
Triology - The original Star Wars (episodes 4,5,6)
The Johnny Depp- Edward Scissorhands
i think that personally the best movie eva is Mr. Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas
the worst is prolly our schools video yearbook this year smile
actiony-ist i agree w/ japandoll the Chronicles of Riddick was awesome
scarist my walkthrough of my own mental instibilitys

and there is my oficial list
Best: Twilight
Worst: Freddy got fingered
Funniest: Step brothers
Guilty Pleasure: Josie and the Pussycats
Best Animated: Rugrats
Best Gangster Film: Scarface
Johnny Deppish - Ahh Edward Scissor Hands <3

Worst - Pet Sematary 2 (fail)

Scarriest - Quarentine! (not really that scary, but it creeped me out with the old granny hissing and crap)

Funniest - The Scary movies razz
Favorite: Dark Night

Funniest : Monty Python Holy Grail

Most Sean Connerist : The Untouchables

One that changed my view on life: Watchmen

Worst : Eragon
just posting cause im new and its a quest, sorry people
Best Movie of all time- The Wizard of Oz
Favorite Movie- The Matrix
Funniest Movie- Stepbrothers
Scariest Movie- The Ring
Worst Movie Ever- The Hand
question what is the meaning of this post?
lmao dog this shits tight!!!
Worst Movie~ don't mess with the zohan
Scarriest~ Feed
Funniest~ Fido (best zombie movie eva!!)
Romantic~ Memoirs of a geisha
Johnny depp-Ist~ Sweeny todd!!
Best: The Nanny Diaries
Worst: Twilight. Uhg.
Scariest: Sukob
Funniest: The Producers! rofl

Best: Bourne series
Funniest: Pineapple Express! 3nodding and Twilight (teenage awkward moments are hilarious!)
Scariest: The Orphanage ...little kids like those are scary crying
Worst: Napoleon Dynamite --> not even a bit funny...
Romantic: Don't know..hate romance movies xp
Worst: Crossroads
Scarriest: Texas Chain Saw Massacre or My Bloody Valentine
Funniest: Zack and Mira Make a porno. (I think thats the name).

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