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Favorite: Too many to count, but Onmyoji (1 and 2), and the LotR trilogy come to mind quickly.
Worst: Lesse ... Van Helsing and Chronicles of Riddick come to mind first.
Funniest: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Johnny-Depp-ist: Sleepy Hollow
Cult: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Foreign: Volcano High (NOT the butchered MTV version)
Sci-fi: Star Wars (the original trilogy)
favorite: ginger snaps 1, 2 &3 but i also like almost any horror movie as long as it has a good plot. i also really love nightmare before christmas, gremlins and labyrinth
worst: blair witch project, i was so disapointed when i saw it i was expecting a lot better then what it turned out to be. . .
Scariest: i dont know i am not scared by movies very easily even though the better part of the movies i watch are horror because i love horror oh so much, theyre the best movies out there in my opinion. but id have to go with my friend devlyns scarriest movie the new amityville horror because i cant think of my own. . .
Funniest: i have always thought ace ventura pet detective was quite a hilarious movie
Romantic: i wouldnt know i dont like romantic movies. . .
The Johnny-Depp-ist: Cry Baby and Benny and Joon
guilty pleasure: disney movies like beauty and the beast, lion king theyre my guilty pleasures. that and *cough* Ella Enchanted *cough*
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worst: jonah
romantic:a walk to remember
funniest: dumb and dumberer
scariest:the grudge
action: house of flying daggers
Oh so many I could name!!!

Favorite: The Nightmare Before Christmas all the way!!!!

Scariest: Probably both Jeepers Creepers, Texas Chainsaw [the part that got me was when he wore the guys face ugh!!] and Saw

Worst: oooh, tough, probably Napolean Dynamite I hate the most though, [I mean at least Super Troopers had one funny thing![Ihate that movie too]]
Funniest:Monty Python and the Holy Grail, A Fish Called Wanda,

Romantic: Moulin Rouge, I love that movie!! It was very close for my favorite.

Johnny Depp-Sleppy Hollow, Pirates, Secret Window, they're all good [I want to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soooo bad!!]




Favorite movie-"The Crow" (the one with Brandon Lee)
Scariest Movie-Haven't found one that scares me
Worst Movie-"Napolean Dynamite"...that is the worst movie hands-down
Funniest-"Freddy Got Fingered"...these are just some of the movies that i thought i should add...
i really like all the movie said but my all time favorite is the nightmare before christmas i love the claymation its the best thing ever i wish they still made movies like that. i wish i was old enough to see tim burton making that movie,but the best thing about it is probably the song they are absoulutely haunting.
Favorite movie- No favorite, but I liked Sin City
Scariest Movie- scary movies are to scary for me to watch. . . Grudge
Worst Movie- stressed Napolean Dynamite
Funniest- Any thing that is not Napolean Dynamite
Action- Sin City
heart Romance- Pumpkin
Comedy- Monty Python's Holy Grail xd
Scary- eek Candyman
action: chronicles of riddick, triplex, fast n furious
scarriest:love them all
jhonny deppest: pirates of the carribean(mi friends obsessed with it)
romantic:a walk to remember or save the last dance (dnt watch that many)
scarriest = saw
best action = fight club
jdeppiest = from hell (he has the hotest makeout scence)
romatic = moulin rouge
musical = chicago
A Cinderella Story the movie is what I called the best english movie show around in town,u knoe.... biggrin
Favorite: The Red Violin [or] Pulp Fiction
Scariest: Night of the Living Dead
Romantic: (Once again...) The Red Violin
Worst: Scarecrow
Action: Collateral [or] Saving Private Ryan [or] Enemy at the Gates
Musical: Grease [or] Chicago
Comedy: Happy Tree Friends Volumes 1, 2, and 3.
Weirdist: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Worst Theme Music: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Sorry about the theme music thing, but I had to add that in. That movie had the worst opening theme ever.
Thriller: Underworld
Best Oldie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail [or] Cat Belue
Best music: Pulp Fiction [or] The Blues Brothers
Bourn identity was better than bourne supremacy
Scariest: Ghost Ship
Romanic: Maid in Manhatan
Funniest: Taxi
Action: The Italian Job
Musical:The Music Man
Thiller: Underworld

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