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FAVOURITE & FUNNIEST the scary movie movies blaugh

SCARIEST saw blaugh

Saw has a gd storyline and i reccomend it as a film worth whatchin biggrin
- Worst- Alot Like Love
- Scariest- Cherry Falls, Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- Funniest- Sleepover, Head over Heels
- Romantic- Fever Pitch, The Notebook
- The Johnny-Depp-ist- Sleep Hollow, Edward Scissor Hands

Worst: Scary Movie 3 sucked sooooooooooooo bad.....

Funniest: Anything with Gene Wilder, I said Reefer Madness before, right?. erm.....All the American Pies, Any Mel Brooks film. I think thats all.......
- Favorite- Never Been Kissed, Fever Pitch, Head over Heals
- Worst- Little Black Book, King Aurther
- Scariest- Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- Funniest- Mean Girls, Saved, Catch that Kid, Chasing Liberty, Sleepover
- Romantic- The Notebook
- Uniquest- Wicker Park, The Phantom of the Opera
- Worst: Darkness Falls. I watched 10 mins of it and left. Stupid movie. And White Noise. So dumb.
- Scariest: Hmm.. Twister. I hate natural disaster movies. And my step-dad used to make me watch Twister when I was like 5. So it's affected me.
- Funniest: Ohh man, too many.
- Romantic: I don't watch romance really.. but I liked Say Anything and Love Actually.
- The Johnny-Depp-ist: Edward Scissorhands.
- Most Unique: Probably Big Fish. The story line was really different, I thought.
Favorite- I.Robot
- Worst- The exorcist the enw begining
- Scariest- The exorcist,ring2 and 1
- Funniest- Mean Girls, Freaky Friday ,
- Romantic- None
- Uniquest- Wicker Park, The Phantom of the Opera
i think that gladiator is the best bestest bestestsst movie ever it has amazing action and it is always fun to watch u can never get tired of it its just soooooo cool i think russel crowe is cool
My favorite movies that I have viewed recently would be Briget Jones 2: the Edge of Reason, Spanglish, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Favorite: The lord or the rings triology or silence of the lambs

Scariest: I havn't seen a good scary movie in a long time so I'll say
'IT' by stephen king. I watched it when I was like 4 and now I hate clowns

Worst: so many stupid ones. ummm Mona lisa smile

Johnny deppest: edward scissors hands and p.o.t.c but thats because of Orlando bloom

Funniest: the passifier, I laughed my butt off. well cheaper by the dozen was funny too. those are the first two I could think of because there are so many
My fav movie is a toss up between three
The Matrix
Spiderman (1 of course far supierior to the 2nd)
and The Incredibles
I can't decide I've watched them all enough to know all the lines off by heart of every movie
Best: Gladiator, Chronicles of Riddick, or Any Star Wars Movie.
Scariest: Excorcist, The shining
Funniest: Anchorman
Best: Saving Private Ryan
Worst: Blair Witch Project, Napolean Dynomite
Scariest: I am a horror fanatic.. So.. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Funniest: Wayne's World
Worst: Van Helsing
Favorite: Labyrinth
Funniest: Snatch
Guilty Pleasure: Drowning Mona
Jonny Depp: Pirates of the Carribean, Secret Window, Sleepy Hallow... all of them
Best- Garden State
Worst- Gigli, Moulin Rouge
Funniest- Without a Paddle
Scariest- What Lies Beneath, Hide and Seek
Johnny Deppiest- The Secret Window
Most Romantic- Where The Heart Is ( I know, it's geeky, but I still love it smile )
Geeky but Loveable- Napolean Dynamite
Best- Chasing Amy, Army of Darkness
Worst- Resident Evil: Apocolypse (I almost got up and left)
Funniest- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Team America
Scariest- Glitter
Johnny Deppiest- Cry Baby
Most Romantic- The Notebook
Guilty Pleasure - Vulgar, UHF

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