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Worst - The Ring.
Scariest - Darkness. Hey! Man-ladies scare me!
Funniest - The Cable Guy
Romantic - Daredevil..
The Jennifer Garner-est - Elektra, I really liked Elektra.
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Trilogy: Back to the Future
Favourite: The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
Worst: The Road to El Dorado
Scariest: N/A
Funniest: Blazing Saddles
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Favorite: Kiki's Delivery Sevice

Worst: Napolean Dynamite ( haven't seen it, but kids at school who've seen it quote from it )

Scariest: The Ring 2

Romantic: Gone with the Wind

Funniest: Kangaroo Jack [ even my mom was laughing ]
Favorite: Tremors 1 & 2

Funniest: Life of Brian/Holy Grail

Yeah, sadly that's about it.
I think 'whats eating gilbert grape' sums up all categories
Best: My Tutor Friend

Worst: Ghost Ship and Cross Roads

Funniest: My Sassy Girl
Best Action: LOTR, Pulp Fiction
Best Comedy: Anchorman, Without a Paddle, Austin Powers
Worst: Alexander (with Colin Farrel) I suspect all the movies like Raise your Voice and a Cinderella Story are pretty lame but I dont watch em...
Best Animated: The Nightmare before Christmas
Best Director: Tim Burton
okay so i think that the worst movie would have to be the lord of the ring series. i hate those kind of movies. they are so boring to me, i can never understand what is going on or what else is happening. The scariest movie that i saw was probably it. that movie was horrible i was {and still am} scared of clowns. my mom thinks that it is funny because clowns freak me out now. the best movie {also the saddest} would have to be green mile. that movie was awesome. i would hate to have to do his job though it is so sad. and finally i think that the best jonny movie would be finding netherland. i really liked that movie it was really good. i think that it should get a gramy. well those are my opinions of movies.
my favorite movie that like a drama has to be "don't say a word i love that movie. my favorite chick flick has to "ya ya sisterhood" very funny movie. my favorite comedy is "bringing down the house" dean martin is a god.my favorite anime movie is "ninja scroll" i love the violence and the other naughty things. my favoriteaction movie is "iron monkey" my worst movie ever has to be malibu's most wanted it was a little funny but it was very sad and disturbing.oooh and my favorite horror movie is the faculty. i really don't thonk i've missed any thing but my all time favorite movie is "the nightmare before christmas. oh i almost forgot my favorite animated movie is going to be "shrek" i love the donkey i think i was the donkey in a past life wooot. domokun domokun
BEST: i donno
wierdest: napoleon dynamyte
bloodiest: kill bill volume 1
funniest: harold and kumar go to white castle
- Worst: CrossRoads
- Scariest: The Exorcist
- Funniest: Mallrats
- Romantic: A Walk to Remember

Walk to remember i love that movie!! heart
The SpongeBob Square Pants Movie- Worst
The Ring- Scariest
Meet The Fochkers (However it may be spelled)- Funniest
Never Been Kissed- Romantic
Edward Scissorhands- The Johnny-Depp-ist
fushigi yugi
Best: Raise your voice

Worst: Mean girls " I haven't seen it, but my friends said it was really dumb.

Funniest: Bruce Almighty
BEST: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, NoES, Secret Window, LotR
WORST: Exorcist 1, The OLD Amityville Horror
SCARIEST: I haven't seen a horror movie that scared me...
FUNNIEST: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Scary Movie 1 and 3
JOHNNY DEPP: Secret Window, PotC, NoES

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