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I love LOTR, POTC, etc. etc....can't wait to see the new Star Wars. Haven't seen it yet eek I've watched every single other one....
Best: Aliens & Jurassic park (tie)
Funniest: ace ventura pet detective: When nature calls
Best Animated: Lilo & Stitch
Worst: Napoleon dynamite
Wow, there's a most "Johnny Deppish" choice?! eek

Nyahaha, I just mentioned that `cause I love him. He's my god. oo;

My favoritest movie would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean. `Cause they have cool accents, action, romance, humor, and the most hottest actor. wink
Funniest- Monty Python and the Holy grail, and Robin Hood men in tights oh and dude where's my car
Romantic- Princess Bride (Halarious...)
Johnny-Depp-ist- Pirates of the Carribean
Scariest - Willy wonka and the chocoloate factory (That is the scariest movie of all time...with teh umpa lumpas and trying to scare kids out of eating candy :shudders:

Oh and Star Wars and Harry Potter all the way!! (Hayden Christianson and Tom Felton!!!omg!!)
- Worst - Napoleon Dynamite - It can be funny in some parts, but overall, it had no point and so it was...yeah -> xp gonk
- Scariest - hmmm..... I used to think The Exorcist (sp?) was scary, but now it's not anymore... xd
- Funniest - erm....the only one I can think of at this moment is Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
- Romantic - Titanic heart
- The Johnny-Depp-ist - Pirates of the Caribbean....*drools* Johnny Depp is sooo hot... xd sweatdrop heart

I also love the Harry Potter movies. biggrin 3nodding
best gangster movie : scarface or once apon a time in america

best comedy : mallrats

best johnny depp film : once apon a time in mexico

best movie for pointless violence : anything to do with quintin tarenteno
Best- Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith
Worst- any James Bond movie
Scariest- haven't watched any scary movies
Funniest- Napolean Dynamite
Romantic- Titanic
The Johnny-Depp-ist- Pirates of the Carribean
Best of all time: Shanghai Knights
Best comedy: Aladin and the 40 Theives
Best Historic: The patriot
The worst of all time: Aces Atlanta
The Worst Comedy: ... the South Park Movie
The Worst Hisoric: Disney's Pocahantus (they totally butchered it historically, as for a disney, i thought it was great smile )
Best Trilogy: Lord of the Rings and Star Wars

Funniest: Shaun of the Dead

Worst: Any Hilarie Duff/Lindsey Lohan movies.

Best: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Shaun of the Dead, The Village, Signs, Taking Lives, Gladiator, Troy.
Worst Film of the Year: National Treasure
Best Film of the Year: Finding Neverland
Funniest film of the Year: Saved/Mean Girls.
Most Romantic: Phantom of the Opera
Woo Hoo, i love Best/Worst etc lists. In fact I love lists in general. Regardless, here I go

I guess I will go with Recent movies. Those released in 2004.
Best - KIll Bill Voume 2
Worst - Win a Date With Tad Hamilton
Funniest - Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman
Scariest - Saw
Best All Round Movie - Shaun of the Dead
Best Stoner Movie - Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
*Spiderman 2 has no catagory, it simply deserves to be on a list.
Best Deceiving Advertising Campaign - The Village
* and 24 should get a mention just for being so great.
Funniest: Boat Trip and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

Worst: Starship Troopers 2 ((<--EFFIN CHEESY!!))

Romantic: erm..Lets see...Um..Princess Bride..ya..

Action: Resident Evil 1 and 2((Milla xd ))

Favorite: Spirited Away. Inuyasha (The First one ^_^)
^^ The list could go on and on.
a night at the roxbury!
This might be long.. I love movies...

Worst Movie Ever: "Leprechaun IIII, Leprechaun in da' hood"
(My god, it hurt so bad!!!! Good to watched while REALLY drunk)

Best Movie Series: Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings

Best Drama: "Gone with the Wind", "Count of Monte Cristo", "O"

Best Romantic: "Love Actually", "Say Anything", "Illuminata", "Chocolat" and "Like Water for Chocolate"

Best Recent Comedies: "Clue!", "Bridget Jones Diary", "Kung Fu Hustle" and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights"

Best Sci Fi: "The Fifth Element"

Most Thought Provoking: "Joy Luck Club", "Being John Malkovich" and "Magnolia"

Best Action Flick: "The One", "Face Off", and "The Crow"

Best Cult Flick: "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Best Anime Movie: "Spirited Away"

Best American Animation Movie: "Anastasia" or "Sleeping Beauty"

Best All Around Movies Ever: "Willow", "The Princess Bride", "The Lounge People", and "Edward Scissor Hands".

Most Johnny Depp-ish Movie: "The Man Who Cried" or "Don Juan De Marco"

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