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Bestest= Pirates of Carribean
Worstest= Kangaroo Jack scream domokun Hate scream domokun
Scariest= Signs
Funniest= The Holy Grail
Jhonny-Deppest= Pirates of Carribean
- Worst = crossroads
- Scariest = the excorsist eek scream
- Funniest = Dude! where is my car?
- Romantic = shakespear's Romeo & Julliet
- The Johnny-Depp-ist = Pirates of the caribbean heart
- Best (on the moment) = King Arthur heart {omfg...great movie! biggrin }
- Best fight-movie = King Arthur + LOTR
- Best Fantasy = Harry Potter
- Animated = Lion King
Worst - Cabin Fever
Scariest - Blair Witch Project & Ju-On: The Grudge (Japanese Version)
Funniest - Kung Pow
Romantic - Braveheart (I see it as a story to avenge his wife's death)
The Johnny-Depp-ist - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Favorite -
right, here goes... quite a few but I'll only name top few:
The Crow
Donnie Darko
Dawn of the Dead (original)
err i know there old but killbill and shaun of the dead are good
- Worst- Napolena Dynamite
- Scariest- Most recent is The Ring
- Funniest -Meet the Fockers
- Romantic -THe Notebook
- The Johnny-Depp-ist- Pirates of The carrabean
-The Tearjerker- The evening Star
- Worst = the blair witch project [I fell asleep]
- Scariest = oh, dunno...
- Funniest = Dude! where is my car? probably...
- Romantic = nothing hill is great
- The Johnny-Depp-ist = Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
- Best (on the moment) = Garden state
- Best fight-movie = save private ryan, Windtalkers, Hart's war
- Best Fantasy/ si-fi = starwars, willow
- Animated = shrek 1 and 2
-fav. Where the Heart Is heart heart heart heart heart
-least fav. Malibus Most wanted scream stressed eek
-best. a walk to remember heart heart heart heart sad sad sad
- Worst - Anything with Britany Spears or PAris Hilton! *shudders*
- Scariest - Dawn of the Dead
- Funniest - Team America World Police and Eurotrip!
- Romantic - The Phantom of the Opera! *sigh*
- The Johnny-Depp-ist - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! I want to see that!

Favourite - Donnie Darko and Boondock Saints
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Favorite :: 'Van Helsing' and 'Big Fish' and 'Grease'
Hate :: Most westerns (excluding 'Little Big Man' and 'Shenandoah'. I love these two!) and 'The Sound of Music'
Funniest :: 'Meet the Fockers'
Best Musical :: Do Disney movies count...?
Best Actor(s) :: Dustin Hoffman (I love him in 'Meet The Fockers' and 'Little Big Man'!) and Johnny Depp.
Saddest :: I dunno why, but 'Big Fish' always makes me cry. I love that movie.
Horror :: I don't watch many horror movies, because I still find myself shaking in my pajamas... But I love 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. Watch it in a trailer out in the middle of nowhere. It will scare your a** off.
Best Continued Movie (Trilogies, etc..) :: 'Star Wars' and, of course, 'Meet The Fockers'!
Dumbest Flick I've Seen in my Life :: 'Napoleon Dynamite'
Anime :: Cowboy Bebop... And Read or Die.
My fav movie is Training Day with Denzel Washington and My fav comedy is Harold and Kumar Going to White Castle
- Favorite: Back to the Future (all three)
- Worst: Van Hellsing (idea; good - execution; baaaad)
- Scariest: The Others (I first saw it at a slumber party with the lights off, besides, I haven't seen The Shinning yet, so...)
- Funniest: Spaceballs
- Romantic: A Walk to Remember (Mandy Moore is a good actress)
- The Johnny-Depp-ist: Pirates of the Carribean
Best Action- way too many to choose from.

Best Animated- pretty much anything shinihiro watanabe has made.

Best Horror- friday the 13th series (jason vorhees, nuff said)

Best Comedy- Clerks

Worst Movie Ever- anything with jennifer lopez in it.
Worst- The Order...okay, this was just bad acting, plot, and filming. You could see the sound microphone at least three times! That and anything including Lizzie Maguire and Lindsey Lohan.

Scariest- Hmmmm I'd have to say (with my limited movie watching experience) The Exorcist.

Funniest- Clerks, Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, Spaceballs, Monty Python.

Johnny Depp-iest- Pirates of the Caribbean!

Personal Favs.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Johnny Depp *dies* ), Gladiator, Finding Nemo, LOTR, Princess Mononoke, Harry Potter series, Hart's War, and Saving Private Ryan. I could add more, but I'd be here forever. xd
- Scariest- None except the freddy movies but they suck now
- Funniest- Shaolin Soccer
- Romantic- I hate romance bullshit
- The Johnny-Depp-ist - I hate Johney Depp

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