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Taking an example once again from the Anime/Manga/Comic forum --

Due to the massive amount of users getting around the 'favorite character/hated character' and 'favorite movie' sticky by posting threads such as 'worst movie' and such the mods have made an all encompassing sticky for all adjectives for movies.

So this includes:

- Worst
- Scariest
- Funniest
- Romantic
- The Johnny-Depp-ist

And any other adjectives you all can think up. This is to keep the discussion board clean, since the threads that stated 'what's your favorite adjective movie!?!' usually just amounts to users posting their movie and moving on. There's almost never a discussion.

The old 'favorite movie' sticky will be retired to the mists of the Gaia database and be prepared for a wave of threads being moved to the recycle bin.

So please use this sticky, otherwise you really shouldn't be whining when your 'what's your favorite gangster movie' gets binn'ed. gonk


- Mitsu
Music & Lyrics
Nightmare Before Christmas

Napoleon Dynamite
Bwhaha. This is good, very good.

Favorite - ROTK is my favorite movie out of the entire LOTR trilogy, and that makes it my favorite movie. It's also my favorite book, but we have a book subforum for a reason. xd

Worst- there are so many but Ghost Ship comes to mind for psychologically traumatizing me for about a month. gonk

Funniest - Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. xd
heart - Bourne supremacy
Bourne identity biggrin
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- Worst - Crossroads *cringe*
- Scariest - The Shining
- Funniest - Dodgeball, Team America
- Romantic - -don;t do roamntic movies...maybe Dracula though
- The Johnny-Depp-ist - Fear and Loathing

Favourite - Donnie Darko, Kill Bill, The Incredibles, Spirited Away
- Worst: CrossRoads
- Scariest: The Exorcist
- Funniest: Mallrats
- Romantic: A Walk to Remember
In my humble opinion:


Trilogy: Lord of the Rings

Western: Tombstone(Haven't seen but 2?)

Romantic: Hmmm...... Don't watch many..... I don't know

Scariest: Hmm... Hard as well... I haven't found many that do scare me. Texas Chainsaw Masscare- well what I saw of it. ( I LIKED Ghost Ship. It may not be smart, or scary, or a laugh a minute but it amused me. I think it was okay. )

Funniest: Too Many to Chose! Shaun of the Dead; Austin Powers; Taxi;

Worst: Whatever that movie with Britney (BRATney Spears) is in. I never saw it but it looked dumb. Was it Crossroads?

Oddest: Kill Bill Volumes I & II. It was good- so violent they turned part into an anime; and it was so out of order I had to expain what was happening to my family!
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It amuses me that you had to add "Johnny Deppiest" to the list... sweatdrop
Favourite - Gladiator, ROTK, Sin City, Fight Club, Tones More
Worst - too many to name but one that comes to my mind right away is Catwoman
saw, napolin dynomite, fear dot com, etc
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User ImageUser ImageBest movie ever, Forest Gump. It has a bit of everything in it.
Funniest has to be Robin Hood:Men in Tights

Favorite right now... um Bad Santa. heart

EDIT: Its nov 2009! WOW ages since I first post in this thread.
Might as well update everything.

Favorite: A Christmas Story (can watch it over an over)
Comedy: Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy.
Action: Face/Off
Disney: Emperors New Groove
Horror: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Pixar: Ratatouille
Anime: Ergo Proxy
TV show: Roseanne
Cartoon: Auqa Teens Hunger Force
Romantic: Edward Scissor Hands XD

WORST: Wild Child ... just painful to watch and horribly predictable even for a teen movie.

Movie I can't wait to see: The Princess and the Frog!

Favorite Movie? Emperors New Grove.
Favorite male character? Eugene/Flynn from Tangled. So hot.
Favorite female character? Lilo from Lilo and Stich. SO CUTE!
Favorite Princess? Mulan. Even though she is no where near a princess Disney list her as a official princess.
Favorite Prince? Bambi. I loved his character in Bambi II.
Favorite Villain? Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame
Movie you hated? Dinosaurs. Why?! We have Land Before Time and Lino King. This was a bad mush of the two.
Character you hated? Pinocchio. Creeps me out.
Favorite animal companion? Iago! From Aladdin
Favorites: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spiderman 2, Shawshank Redemption, Minority Report, Batman 1, Fight Club, The Matrix

Worst: Napoleon Dynamite

Funniest: Blazing Saddles (If you've seen "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" you gotta see this), Ace Ventura, "They Call Me Tater Salad", Dodgeball, There's Something About Mary
Favorite: Dragonheart

Worst: Ugh, Two Brothers. I love tigers, and that's the only reason I wanted it, but it was LAME!

Funniest: Caddyshack! "DOODIE!" blaugh

Johnny Deppiest: Sleepy Hollow xd

Sweetest: The Princess Bride 3nodding

Scariest: Any Friday the 13th movies. I love horror movies, but Jason gives me nightmares sweatdrop

Cutest: Rugrats Go Wild. "IT"S NIGEL STRAWBERRY!" whee
Favorite Movies Of All Time: Mulan, Spirited Away, The Prince Of Egypt
Worst:Thin Red Line ( i fell asleep in the movies)
Funniest: Sorority Boys
Romantic: I dont do romantic
Scariest: i find scary movies funny
Johnny Depp-est:The Pirates Of The Caribean
Funniest: Robin Hood Men In Tights

Scariest: Jurrasic Park: The Lost World (rip off of the books though)

Worst: Hercules in New York (it was corny but so corny it was kind of funny)

Romantic: South Pacific

Action: Chronicles of Riddick

Favorite: I've got lots of favorites

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