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Worst-Idiocracy(i hope humanity doesn't really end up that way)
Scariest-Shrine (i literally screamed)
Romantic-The Notebook heart
Funniest- 21 jump street (lmoa)
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Megamind was awesome.
Iron Man
James Bond
Mission Impossible
Sherlock Holmes smile
i hear the sequels sucked.
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- Worst: I agree with Napoleon Dynamite being the worst movie.
- Scariest:
- Funniest: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights
- Romantic: The Notebook, Dirty dancing
- The Johnny-Depp-ist: Edward Scissorhands and Crybaby

In terms of best musical overall though because I can't just choose one: Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia, Crybaby would be my top three though, and if Disney movies count as musicals then Disney ones like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, etc..etc..
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Worst: A little horror B-movie called Autumn or Napoleon Dynamite
Scariest: I don't get scared from movies anymore but Insidious creeped me out.

Best: Donnie Darko or Back to the Future
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Vicious Demigod

Scariest - I swear, the most afraid I've ever gotten at a movie was the Sandlot when I was younger. That dog man...
Funniest - This is a hard one. Zoolander, Stepbrothers, or Happy Gilmore
Romantic - Howl's Moving Castle
Best - This is too hard of a question.
Best: The Dark Knight (RIP Heath Ledger!)
Funniest: Mean Girls (RIP Lindsey Lohans career, and looks >.< wink
Most Romantic/best British: Love Actually
Best Serial killer/scariest: Seven
Best based on book: Harry Potter!
Worst ever: Twilight 1&2, probably the others too.
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Invisible Giver

- Worst - Avatar The Last Airbender and Breaking Dawn Part 2. (I love Twilight, but that Movie was bad)
- Scariest - I don't watch scary movies, only scary TV Shows.
- Funniest - Hmmmm I can't think of one.
- Romantic - Titanic (Classic)
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- Worst
    A tie between The Strangers and The Happening

- Scariest
My nightmares were fairly similar to most scenes/tone from this movie. Thankfully, I no longer dream like that anymore.

- Funniest
Handsdown my #1 favorite movie. I never tire from watching it and Maximus..would totally trade any car for him.

- Romantic
    ..Tangled? rofl emotion_facepalm umm.. I guess I could put Titanic, the Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and P.S. I love you in here as well.

- The Johnny-Depp-ist
    Ahh this one's a tie between Pirates of the Carribean and Edward Scissorhands
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- Worst: Christmas In Wonderland
- Scariest: SAW (every episode T.T)
- Funniest: College Road Trip
- Romantic: My Sassy Girlfriend
- The Johnny-Depp-ist: Alice In Wonderland

Favorite Movie: hmmmm i guess i like Alice I Wonderland
Worst : James bond quantum of solace link to watch http://adf.ly/FqhQj
the best : Zombieland link to watch http://adf.ly/FqhfX
scaries : THE thing link to watch http://adf.ly/Fqhb2
funniest : American Pie Holiday link to watch http://adf.ly/Fqhop

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