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Secondhand Lion Amazing movie.
Yay free gold
more yay

Haha Capsea is an idiot
I am noot!!!!!!
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Fave: van helsing. And my worst would be: rubber with the evil tire
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Favorite: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban Hermione punching Draco? F Yeah.
Worst: Twilight (any) No. Just no. With the stalking and the *****. No. No. No. emotion_facepalm Funniest: Shaun of the Dead Weird idea, Great execution. xd Love It.
Scariest: Sleepy Hollow That and ANY SNAKE EVER IN A MOVIE. crying Me no likey.
Depp-iest: Curse of The Black Pearl yeah, yeah good movie, but why is the rum gone? sad
Best: Shutter Island
Funniest: Death at a Funeral
Scariest: The Ring


sportsbook reviews, sports book reviews, sportsbook review
Mitsukai Zenchou
Taking an example once again from the Anime/Manga/Comic forum --

Due to the massive amount of users getting around the 'favorite character/hated character' and 'favorite movie' sticky by posting threads such as 'worst movie' and such the mods have made an all encompassing sticky for all adjectives for movies.

So this includes:

- Worst
- Scariest
- Funniest
- Romantic
- The Johnny-Depp-ist

And any other adjectives you all can think up. This is to keep the discussion board clean, since the threads that stated 'what's your favorite adjective movie!?!' usually just amounts to users posting their movie and moving on. There's almost never a discussion.

The old 'favorite movie' sticky will be retired to the mists of the Gaia database and be prepared for a wave of threads being moved to the recycle bin.

So please use this sticky, otherwise you really shouldn't be whining when your 'what's your favorite gangster movie' gets binn'ed. gonk


- Mitsu
Favorite- G-Force
swagg rofl ninja
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- Worst: Project X. Wasn't a fan of that movie, at all :l
- Scariest: I love horror movies... so.. I don't know how to answer this one. Maybe.. Paranormal Activity?
- Funniest: The Big Year
- Romantic: Hmm.. I don't have one for this.. o.O
Does.. Think Like A Man, count? o.O
- The Johnny-Depp-ist: I love ALL his movies. But the most recent was 'Dark Shadows'

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