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just love vampires movie................ xp

i like the vampire too
Well...... I don't really watch movies from this cinema or tv -.- Becaude I almost spend all my spare hours watching anime >.<
30 Rock

These are my favorites smile
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- Worst: Wall-e. I feel asleep in the middle. Or Stuart Little. gonk

- Scariest: I honestly have no idea. sweatdrop

- Funniest: Dumb and Dumber. This is Spinal Tap. Son of Rambow.

- Romantic: Not a huge romance person... so... um.. emotion_drool

- The Johnny-Depp-ist: Ed Wood. emotion_dowant
I dont watch many movies so.... yeah
worst - the funhouse
scariest - child play *shivers*
funniest - hangover 2
romantic - i dont watch nor i hate romantic movies
johnny depp - rio
Worst: Twilight
Scariest: Psycho
Funniest: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Romantic: Romeo and Juliet (1969)
Johnny Depp-ist: All of Pirates of The Caribbean
Best: Braveheart biggrin
Worst: Machete
Funniest: Get him to the greek xD
Dumbest: Bruno... xp
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Best: Titanic and/or Avatar (James Cameron is amazing xD)

Funniest: Hangover 1 and 2

Scariest: I don't do scary movies. never have. I saw Rose Red, but I fell asleep during it that darn movie is so long.

Worst: I've never been one from dumb comedy movies (except the hangover and 21 jumpstreet) so things like Super Bad and stuff like that would fall under here. Also the parody movies that the "Scary Movie" movies started.

Romantic: The Vow is one that comes to mind and the Time Traveler's Wife.

Best Music: Rock of Ages

Johnny-Deppiest: the Pirates of the Carribbean moviess, Alice in Wonderland

Disney: Oliver and Company or The Fox and the Hound.

Favorite all around movie character: Captain Jack Sparrow

Favorite Disney movie character: Thomas O'Mally, Chief (from Fox and the Hound).
Funniest: Robin Hood Men In Tights

Scariest: Jurrasic Park: The Lost World (rip off of the books though)

Worst: Hercules in New York (it was corny but so corny it was kind of funny)

Romantic: South Pacific

Action: Chronicles of Riddick

Favorite: I've got lots of favorites
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Funniest - The only one I can think of is The Dark Shadows. sweatdrop

Scariest - One of the Scary Movies; Yes, I know they're supposed to be comedy-parodies, but I still got pretty scared at some of them. OR then a real-time documentary movie named "Canned Dreams". It's not that it would've been screams and stuff all the time but it did leave a huge shock inside me.

Worst - I've seen so many movies... Either Love Guru, some random romantic-drama movie I once saw or Ocean Waves (An anime film, I've quite forgotten how it went but all I can remember is that hated it).

OR Canned Dreams (Säilöttyjä Unelmia in Finnish, the same as the English translated version). Even though it was a documentary film, showing how they killed pigs in it was not nice... At all.

Beautifullest - Laputa: The Castle in the Sky (The music, the story... Ahh)

Musical movie(s) - Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Probably some other films, too.

Cutest - My Neighbour Totoro.

Best Short Movie/Cartoon - There have been many short movies I've seen but, e.g, many Disney cartoons/short films before real movies, "Alma", LARVA, "Day and Night", "Vincent" by Tim Burton and so on have been great.

TV-movies - "The Colour of Magic", a two-parted TV-movie based on a Terry Pratchett book with the same name, as well as "Terry Pratchett's Hogfather".
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best horror- hellbound hellraiser or nightbreed

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