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Best Actor: Sean Connery
Worst Actor: DMX
Best Actress: Angelina Lee
Worst Actress: Tyra Reed (she is better as a model)
Best Actor: Don Cheadle
Best Actress: Kate Winslett
Funniest: Stewie and Brian (Family Guy)
Most Attractive: Kate Husdson
Worst Actor: Keanu Reeves
Worst Actress: Tara Reid
Best Actor: Will Smith
Best Actress: Scarlette Johanson
Funniest: Stewie and Brian (Family Guy)
Most Attractive: Scarlette Johanson
Worst Actor: Who else? Will Shatner
Worst Actress: There are wayy too many to list just a few.
Worst - Hillary Duff. Her voice annoys me... stare
Funniest - Jeff Foxworthy by far
Scariest - Daveigh Chase (A.K.A Samara from the Ring)

Funniest - Homer, Paris and Nicole (I hate to admit it)
Worst - talentless but connected younger siblings of existing "stars"
Sexiest - Danny on the show "Las Vegas"
Scariest - any kids on any horror movies, they all freak me out
Funiest- Bender
Worst- Napolian Dynomight
Coolest? Shogo from Battle Royale.
worst- joss stone
scariest-"the wax brothers"
funniest-Rodney Cerrington
Sexiest(male)-Spike (from buffy)
Sexiest(female)- ashes (suicide girls)
domokun ist-i have no clue what that means
Here's what I think:

- Worst : Lizzie McGuire
- Scariest : Lalaine
- Funniest : Al Bundy
- Sexiest : Tom Welling
- domokun est: Asaka from "Evangelion"
Okay, here's what I think...
- Worst : Lizzie McGuire
- Scariest : Lalaine
- Funniest : Al Bundy
- Sexiest : Tom Welling
- domokun est: Asaka from "Evangelion"
Best: The Creeper

Worst: Napolion Dynamite
Hottest: Kirstien Dunst, Mila Kunis, Alexa Vega, Mika Boorem
Coolest Teacher: Indiana Jones

EDIT: Images removed by Mitsukai Zenchou. Dont spam my sticky with images. They just stretch the page and are annoying. neutral
- Worst Character : Travis Mayweather
- Funniest Character : Seth Cohen
- Sexiest Character: Trip Tucker
- Most Annoying Character : Marissa Cooper
- Best Actor : Connor Trinneer
- Best Actress : Jorja Fox
Worst: Hillary Duff (she sucks! Plus, she's a total prep) and Lindsay lohan ("" too)
Funniest: Chandlier in "Friends" (plus, he's sorta hot)
Sexiest: Matt Damon (God, he makes my mouth water with those hot abs!)
Scariest: You know that crazy guy in "Con-Air"? You know, the guy that's like the murderer that barely talks? He's freakin scary!!!
Most Annoying: Monica in "Friends" (Gosh, talk about a complete perfectionist!)

eek I can't believe you guys that actually think that Hillary Duff is hot.... that's just completely sick.
Funniest and Sexiest: joey from friends and anime joey from yugioh!
- Worst - me
- Scariest - me
- Funniest - Me
- Sexiest - me
- domokun ist - Me!

- I'm so alone -

- Worst - Karasuma Ooji - Scariest - Barney - Funniest - Stewie Griffin - Sexiest and/or domokun ist - Jennifer[Aniston, Garner, Lopez(somewhat) and everyone else anybody mentions on this thread and Nergal Jr.]

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