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Well people used to tell me that I'm boring cuz I never wanted to go on anything. Yea it's pretty expensive. I went the one time because my work was willing to cover half the costs...still $20. Not including food or anything...just the rides. Think of it this way, Disneyland is like $50/person.
I think mid-40s yea. It's the Asian gift, we never really age anyways.

Well I could go on Bumper Cars all day :p Yeah. Is the Simulator ride a long one for that price? Cause the one we have is only about 5 minutes or so.
Yup ^^ Most of us at least. I know some people in our age who got gray hair already eek

Oh that was the cost of a daypass into the theme park. If you're talking about the arcade, we'd pay $50 for a bunch of tokens and play for hours.
True, the ones that are dealing with a lot of math and sciences tend to grey very quickly. I have a couple of friends who are in the same boat. Hate to think our generation is getting old already.

Ah it's a different thing then. I thought it was 50 bucks for one ride lol
He's working in the IT field. Good thing I jumped off that train then xD

That would be waaaayyyy too steep lol. Not that many people want to pay for $50 a day already.
Yea I can relate to that stress. I'm an unofficial IT person and it stresses me out.

Yup. That's why I though: "What? Didn't know things were that expensive in Canada" at first xD Here 50$ would be a little above average but still considered "normal". We have to pay 45 Swiss Francs for a Day Pass at our local water park rolleyes
Yeah. It can be quite stressful.