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If you were home all alone, what would send chills down your bones?

A doll come to life 0.36668378296533 36.7% [ 27850 ]
Ghostly voices calling your name 0.19710076233361 19.7% [ 14970 ]
The sound of something breathing 0.16009005806375 16.0% [ 12159 ]
Footsteps coming from the empty rooms 0.27612539663731 27.6% [ 20972 ]
Total Votes:[ 75951 ]
Are there still woman in black items for free?
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Charmed Lunatic

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In fact, all of them! Whispers are bad too!
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I remember I saw this movie back in May or April with my ex-gf... oh boy... got me scared poopless.
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Ending was disappoint.
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Shy Noob

So I chose a doll coming to life as being the thing that would send shivers down my spine but to be completely honest every one of those choice would freak me out
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Geeze idk, probablly footsteps from empty rooms, but they're all pretty creepy. gonk XD
It interesting! mrgreen
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Virtuous Werewolf

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Dolls scare me shitless.

I had my amazing ally come to life as a kid, it wouldn't shut up and had a demonic voice.. defective $200 dollar possessed doll gonk

I cant be anywhere near a doll now without thinking it wants to kill me. emo

In the movie, I was happy to see the woman in black in a positive light.
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I tried to watch this for my first scary movie in a theater experience. I got so stressed out I had to walk out about 2/3 in. I felt like such a wimp! redface
I thought the 2012 version was a good movie. I like the 1989 version a bit better. One still cannot beat reading the book. And it would be awesome to see the play.
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Feral Kitten

the thought of knowing something is there but not knowing that it is would terrify me
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I know its a bit late but i am in love with this movie. I let my friend borrow it and she didnt give it back for almost a MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! I went through withdrawel and when i finally got it back i watched it three times

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