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If you were home all alone, what would send chills down your bones?

A doll come to life 0.36669212133979 36.7% [ 27851 ]
Ghostly voices calling your name 0.19709816726353 19.7% [ 14970 ]
The sound of something breathing 0.16008795028439 16.0% [ 12159 ]
Footsteps coming from the empty rooms 0.27612176111228 27.6% [ 20972 ]
Total Votes:[ 75952 ]
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Interesting Consumer

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Hilarious Lunatic

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The doll coming to life would freak me out most. The rest of the stuff in the poll already happens in this ancient piece of ^%&*( haunted house I live in. ninja

And this movie really sucks.
all of those would probibly scare the crap out of me sweatdrop
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Blessed Guildsman

Looks awesome.
Gosh that film made me jump so muchh :/
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Blessed Prophet

well for a horror movie fan like me this was a 7/10.
3/4 of the entire duration was plain.
1/4 was acceptable as a collective.
Setting was great, story emphasis excelled but apparently so did predictability.
But eitherways, great movie, not best option but I suppose worth watching smile
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Got a free rental so I picked this up. -_- It sucked.. but it did have some creepy moments.
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Invisible Exhibitionist

It would be the footsteps. The phenomena I don't mind so much; what I do mind is like, ur, footsteps could represent someone you don't know... someone like, say, a burglar... and we all know that when caught, burglars are willing to take drastic last-minute steps like murder. We aaaaall know that.

... yes, I do have a very messed up train of thought.
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Wheezing Lunatic

i saw the movie a few months ago. it sounded something like this-

TV - Oh! Hello Mr Kipps!
Me- Potter!
TV - What are you doing here Mr Kipps?
Me- Potter!

for about the entire movie.
i actually really liked it as a huge harry potter fan and a huge horror movie fan
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This was an amazing movie. I think I've watched it at least 10 times and I've actually studied it. Daniel Radcliffe is an amazing actor, every time I watch it it sends shivers down my spine. I agree with Inkmind though, I kept saying "Potter!" LOL.
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Dangerous Lunatic

My god this movie was amazing~ I saw it with my now ex when we went on our first date after it came out. He was so scared and I was sitting there laughing at him XD

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