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If you were home all alone, what would send chills down your bones?

A doll come to life 0.36668378296533 36.7% [ 27850 ]
Ghostly voices calling your name 0.19710076233361 19.7% [ 14970 ]
The sound of something breathing 0.16009005806375 16.0% [ 12159 ]
Footsteps coming from the empty rooms 0.27612539663731 27.6% [ 20972 ]
Total Votes:[ 75951 ]
This was byfar one of the best movies
EVER emotion_awesome
I had to vote for all of them.
gawd ! I went and saw this movie, and I loved it but it scared me so bad at one point that I screamed, and then started crying. My boyfriend thought it was adorable. I was mortified :3
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A doll coming to life wouldnt send chills down my spine it would send pee down into my pants
Footsteps. And already saw it!!!!
I thought it was a pretty good movie! It would have been better if I had waited to see it just before it left theaters though. I hate stupid teenagers screaming about every little thing. I will admit that the movie did get me to jump and be scared several times too.

I felt a bit like an idiot because I didn't realize that Daniel Radcliff was the main character until about 30 minutes into the movie. Its good that he can play something other than Harry Potter quite well. I like him in a horror movie and I can't wait to see what else he can do :3
All of those choices sound creepy. I can't really just choose one.
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The first two and the last one for me.
cant wait to see it >.<
Footsteps would scare me
its so scaryyyy
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voices are the worst^^
Didn't Daniel Radcliffe star in this Movie? I saw it and was not impressed.
has to be a doll come to life :0
is really scary
fyi i freaking hate dolls
they scares me 0_0
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Everyone watching the movie with me kept screaming while i looked like this (o_o), i was paranoid before, now i hear even more footsteps and think i keep seeing things >.o

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