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What's the scariest place to be trapped?

Creepy Cabin 0.083080377562477 8.3% [ 3996 ]
Deserted Island 0.040126408582477 4.0% [ 1930 ]
Abandoned Asylum 0.46656825647636 46.7% [ 22441 ]
Ruined Frontier Town 0.03287038962119 3.3% [ 1581 ]
Underground Military Bunker 0.095991517318807 9.6% [ 4617 ]
Haunted Taffy Factory 0.053598902241257 5.4% [ 2578 ]
Misty Forest 0.056967025655952 5.7% [ 2740 ]
Clown College 0.17079712254148 17.1% [ 8215 ]
Total Votes:[ 48098 ]
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Can't wait to see this movie!
all of them would be scary
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Greedy Smoker

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Lol, is all of the above an Poll Answer ? sad
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Greedy Noob

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Amazing film you should watch it!
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Friendly Vampire

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Abandoned Asylum!

Scary.... but might be fun! mrgreen
Abandoned Asylum!
29ghtian6iapl1-5g9s71jgbs's avatar

Distinct Dabbler

Abandoned Asylum, I have been to an abandoned building when it was gettiing dark all by myself. All I can hear is dripping water...but I couldn't see where it was coming from and the fact that it was quite dark outside already. I legged out before anything could happen. Anything is scary by yourself in a place where you told no one where you were going.
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to be trap in a dream .. mrgreen
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Friendly Smoker

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An insane asylum is scary enough. Then, add "abandoned" & being trapped.
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The Scariest Place To Be Is, A Abandoned Asylum Its A Hospital But No One There! D: That Would Be Scary As Two Clowns Trapped With Me And Their Actually Monsters,
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Silent House was boring. It looked like it was made by film school students (which it probably was). The acting was mediocre. It was filmed by poor, handheld cameras, like a lot of movies in the wake of the success of Blair Witch Project, but this movie was a decade late to the punch. The ending almost salvaged the movie by adding some depth and plot, but it was too little too late. Why is there a sticky about that movie?
Link to watch Silent hill revelation http://adf.ly/Fqkz5

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