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What's the scariest place to be trapped?

Creepy Cabin 0.083080503719712 8.3% [ 3998 ]
Deserted Island 0.040127176759071 4.0% [ 1931 ]
Abandoned Asylum 0.46658492996966 46.7% [ 22453 ]
Ruined Frontier Town 0.032874776609451 3.3% [ 1582 ]
Underground Military Bunker 0.09602676530485 9.6% [ 4621 ]
Haunted Taffy Factory 0.053592951248909 5.4% [ 2579 ]
Misty Forest 0.056959394871369 5.7% [ 2741 ]
Clown College 0.17075350151698 17.1% [ 8217 ]
Total Votes:[ 48122 ]
actually none of the poll questions is really that scary, more interesting ^^
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Its realy scary D:
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I clicked on the Everybody has secrets link and its a flash page with just a pic of a keyhole on it and creepy music. How do you activate it. Or is it just a spash screen? sad
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Oh, just noticed the facebook connect button. OMG I watched it thru and it creeped me out!
In a beehive D:
I would love to be trapped in an Abandoned Asylum with my friends over night

That would be awesome...Especialy if you get to freak them out wink And is there really a clown college...?
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I don't think i'd be scared of the taffy factory. I mean who wouldnt want free candy all to themselves lol!
Looks cool enough to see. smile
abandoned asylum.
i was watching the trailer but hell no, half way through...hell no. the sound effects and stuff. got too scared so turned it off. lols
but might watch it again without sounds..
i can't handle horror only mild ones....sigh. but this peeked my interest, somehow (curiosity kills the cat on the road - that will be me). might download the movie....maybe....
okay....i just finished watching it and i was like scared the hell out of me.....not funny. at it is night time over my side....> <'

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