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What's the scariest place to be trapped?

Creepy Cabin 0.083111757374325 8.3% [ 4001 ]
Deserted Island 0.040132945575405 4.0% [ 1932 ]
Abandoned Asylum 0.46659742417948 46.7% [ 22462 ]
Ruined Frontier Town 0.03286248442044 3.3% [ 1582 ]
Underground Military Bunker 0.095990859991691 9.6% [ 4621 ]
Haunted Taffy Factory 0.053572912339011 5.4% [ 2579 ]
Misty Forest 0.056958869962609 5.7% [ 2742 ]
Clown College 0.17077274615704 17.1% [ 8221 ]
Total Votes:[ 48140 ]
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asylum is very scary... User Image
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Kuro Hime Hekate
Kuro Hime Hekate
My uncle gave each of my cousins and I themed gifts (my sister had teddy bears, my cousin had kittens, etc.). My theme was clowns. I got little dolls and such, then when I was four, I got a skateboarding clown for Xmas. Its feet velcroed to the board and it was radio controlled. I made my parents put it all together and started playing with it. Next thing my little 4 year old brain knows, the clown is following me and won't stop. I was making it follow me, but still, it scarred me. And now even Ronald McDonald makes me cry and I'm 25.

here my story i went to a fair when i was 5 and i saw a clown i walked away the clown came up to me and said BOO! i freaked i grabbed my moms purse and started hitting him when he fell on the ground i sacked him and ran into the washroom and now yet oddly im 25 also xD my sis plays on this acc so its says im 16 and now i go to fair with my 3 yr old daughter i see a clown and i sack it pick up my daughter and run to the washroom evry1 in 3rd grade teased me about clowns and drew scary masks i had a dream where clowns were torturing me....now i hate clown thts my story

My sympathies, but at least you know you're not the only one. I still get laughed at by my sister over clowns. She hid a clown doll in my bed once and scared me senseless. I have sympathy for yo to i would be ballin my eyes ot if there was a toy clown following me Dx
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Clowns terrify me. I don't even know why. Well that's a lie, after I read It I just couldn't look at them the same >.<
So no clown college please~
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As if being crazy and alive wasn't bad enough, just what the world needs insane ghost in an abandoned asylum.
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I cant wait to see this movie
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Asylum. You never know whos there.
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Being trapped is scary enough as it is, and adding an asylum makes it even freakier... eek Although I wouldn't mind being trapped in a Mall, because they tend to leave the lights on! (and there's clothes.... so many clothes...... ) biggrin
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Ruined Frontier Town mrgreen
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In a really old, abandoned asylum...dang, it's gonna give you the creepers just to even think about it...
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a la quiero ver
I think clown are the scariest thing on earth. Stay away from the circus!!
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My vote goes to Deserted Island. without recourse, without shelter, without a weapon to defend himself ... for me is the worst place.
as the other places, maybe I even like.

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Yeah looks like my House !!! I'love Asylum muhahahahaha twisted
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My heart would be in my throat in an Abandoned Asylum
Abandoned Asylum - don't like the idea xD

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