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Sorry, Ranger. :c

Me, Nick and I are gonna be there with bells on! He specifically requested the day off, and I've always got Thursdays off and work evenings, so midnight's no big thing at all for me (hence why you only ever see me on in the middle of the night).

I was gonna say "We'll have to be sure not to spoil it for you," but why would we be discussing it in this thread?
Oh yeah, because it's basically the fandom side of Tumblr in Gaia Thread form. I love you guys. heart
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Finished Wisteria Lodge. Wh... Was that really necessary to drag it through three chapters? I very much enjoyed (***SPOILERS! If you've not read this adventure, DO NOT READ THIS, IT'LL SPOIL YOU FROM THE FIRST!!***) the twisting of initial perceptions to where Garcia, initially perceived as a villain, turned out to be a slain hero, but... three THREE (3) CHAPTERS? It was complicated, yes, but... But... Well, props to the police force for actually being competent for once, I suppose. Harumph! (***END SPOILERS. THE REST OF THIS POST IS SAFE TO READ!***)

Anyway, I've got 15 minutes left before I go home. I do NOT need to spend $0.99 to get the Casebook on Kindle when I've got it in physical form at home to read for free. No. NO, Cynthia! Do NOT spend a dollar on this! Crack a ******** book for once! You've got a smartphone, you can occupy yourself for a quarter of a ******** hour! You've got battery enough for Temple Run, go do that! Gosh!
Yes, I read a little bit of that book! The one about Moriarty! It's from Sebastians perspective like the regular books are from Watsons. I found a sample here if anyone is interested.

Shambles in Belgravia

Just have to love the line of "To Professor Moriarty, she is always that b***h."

And now to take a moment to myself...
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Ohhhh jesus I fear I may need to own that. It took a few pages to sell me, but once I got used to the idea that it's a caricature more than anything, I began to fall in love. It's delightfully awful, isn't it? Hideous in the most beautiful way. Oh, it's perfect, I love it! Onto the Wishlist with you, darling! I will own that someday. Thank you, Moneneko, for sharing that lovely thing. heart
My brother's watching Study in Pink right now! xd

He told me about it while he was taking a bathroom break or something and one of the things he said was "I don't like this Watson! This guy has a limp and all that crap. Watson's more badass than that." Told him that it goes away near the end because it was psychosmatic.

But yeah. Friggen eeee. whee
I know what you mean, took me awhile to warm up to it myself. But god I loved it once I did, plan on buying it soon. (Living next to a book store makes me poor)

Also Gambino...
I must seem like such a stalker how often I reblog you Sorry Dx
(Living next to a book store makes me poor)

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So I took my book to work today to read if it was slow (and it was), and... Boy, did I pick a doozy. The Adventure of the Cardboard Box. For those of you who've read it, you know. That was... Well. Some of the stories have rather shaken me in terms of the crimes committed, but crimes of passion always get me. Wow. It was all rather vulgar from the start, (***SPOILERS? ODDITY YOU'RE READING THROUGH, I DON'T KNOW IF ANYBODY ELSE IS IN PROGRESS OR IF THE REST OF YOU ARE EITHER DONE READING OR JUST AREN'T GOING TO?***) but just the thought of a marriage going from peaches and pie to murdering your wife and her beau and mailing their ears to her sister... Dhjdksa heebie jeebies! (***END SPOILERS***)

And now I'm on to The Adventure Of The Red Circle! As soon as I got into it I realized that Stygtrygger wrote a really lovely fic based on this one. I'm interested to see how the original plays out!
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Oh geez guys
Can we just
Can we just talk about The Dying Detective
Holmes you are a d**k OH MAN
You gotta ********' APOLOGIZE when you ill-use your Watson like that! You said some hurtful s**t, dude! Geez!
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Guys remember when we were talking about jammie dodgers
I kinda
bought some today
jammie dodgers for everyone
...I want to read The Dying Detective now... Not sure what to make of The Cardboard Box one since someonnnnnnne is posting spoilers. *poke* So I'm not reading it. xp

Now are these done by other authors? It kind of sounds that way...
Just read an article about Martin Freeman finding a Sherlock Tumblr blog and he was showing stuff to Ben. I'm so glad I don't write fanfiction or anything.

Just don't read the slash.
Oh god, just the thought of them reading fanfiction...I'm suddenly afraid for the stories I've posted online.

Oh! Awhile ago someone posted a link to a movie scene that was very similar to the scene in Sherlock where he's looking for his cocaine cigarettes. Anyone remember what that was?
Jammmmmmieee dodgerrrrrrs NOM NOM NOM :0 :I :0 :I
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Damnit Oddity, the point of flagging them is so you DON'T spoil yourself! You don't have to read them! I'm gonna have to start making my spoilers whitetext, geez! D:

Anyway, yaaaay jammy dodgers! :'D Thanks, Kiwi! :'D

So huh, I guess it kinda premiered in the US tonight and I missed it cos I was at work?
LOLDON'TCARE AVENGERS DAY TOMORROW/AFTER I SLEEP ALL DAY MARATHON OF ALL THE MOVIES LEADING UP I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE THIS but I hope my husband feeds me because I blew literally all of my money on our second anniversary and am getting pretty hungry, nbd tho I have a sandwich worth of bread & cheese for tomorrow and then Friday I get paid, half will be going to him to reimburse for Avengers Day and then FOOD afteripayeverythingoff

Somebody should link to the highlights of Ben, Steven, And Sue In New York, though. So we can all appreciate it. O:

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