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Were you disappointed that the Supernatural pilot based in Chicago wasn't picked up by the network?

Yes! 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 24 ]
Not really. 0.38888888888889 38.9% [ 28 ]
That was a pilot? 0.27777777777778 27.8% [ 20 ]
Total Votes:[ 72 ]
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Miss Marinara Sauce
Oh dear, I seem to be jumping into the party rather late, but I only just caught up with the series. Mind if I join in on the fangirling? biggrin

You followed me on Tumblr!
that might be the worst decision you've ever made in your life
Also, your signature.
Superwholock, Avengers, LOTR, Potterhead and Avatar?
*hugs you and bawls*

Of course I followed, I only follow the blogs I like. wink

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I finally watched the episode! In terms of adding to the series line, it was rather uninspiring, but as a standalone it was just excellent.
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I'm really excited for the next episode, but I just heard that we have to wait 2 weeks aw. I mean I'm pretty patient but since the events of the last episode, I'm kind of jonesing for a new one.
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Dean FTW! ;O
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New episode tonight, finally.
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oShut up Meg
New episode tonight, finally.

Bwaaaaahhh I can't even see it until tomorrowww ;n;
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ive seen every single episode 8D and DEAN FTW!
If any of you are really big into cars/the Impala... My boyfriend is making a replica! biggrin Gotta admit that Dean's car is super sexy! http://www.facebook.com/SupernaturalCarRestoration

P.S. I'm team Sam. Ha ha.
I think Sam should step up to Dean and say something, but that's just my opinion.
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I'm tired of Sam's flash back... ~.~
That fight at the end was the bestest thing ever. whee
so they're doing more time travel with john
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I'm on the seventh season now, I have to say wow.... is all.
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mid-season finale tonight. D:
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That episode....that promo...THAT PROMO
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I am 9999999999999999999999999999999888832572385261352952326501% done
January 16th...save the date

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